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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Who Has “Indian Summer” Now?

Diana of " Amberpony Creates" did this layout using elements from “Heart of Glass” by Digitalegacies Designs.

Spaceship Tow by Amberpony Creates

I still get a chuckle every time I look at it!

Here’s one from Edna, of Miss Edna’s Place done with Digitalegacies Designs’ template, “Photo Train!”

credits - Kit, "Bits and Bobs 2" by Snow Raven

See?? It has SO many more possibilities than trains! Downloads on this template have been slow, if you’re thinking what you can do with it now after getting somme inspiration from Edna’s creation, you can still download it!

Download "Photo Train" template
password - choo-choo

Show me your layout using Digitalegacies products and I'll send you this!

Both Diana and Edna did these layouts for challenges at scrapbook sites. That means showing it to me, got them DOUBLE posting bonuses! Pretty cool, huh? You can double up the freebies too, well, even triple them up! Download the Digitalegacies Designs freebie of your choice, or purchase it from the Dollar and Dime, create a challenge layout at your favorite scrapbooking site using it and make sure you send me a copy too! That’s THREE freebies, 2 for a layout you did using a freebie! What a deal!

Premier Templates

While we’re on the subject of templates and challenges, I’ve added the templates that I did for the template swap at SAS to the Dollar and Dime. They are bundled as one item, giving you “All Tucked In” and my favorite, “25-Patch Variation.” When I originally did 25-Patch Variation from a quilt pattern, it took just forever to separate out the different sections into usable layers for scrapbooking. This is one where it probably would have been faster as a paper page! But the effort was worth it! A few papers applied to the template layers and you have a gorgeous quilty-patchwork effect! You can have that effect wit a LOT less work now! I was pretty pleased to offer that one in the swap. It really is a very pretty pattern, but a lot of work that I’m glad to be able to save others!

credits - "Plum Pudding" by Jan Hosford

This is the original layout I made 25-Patch Variation for. Jan Hosford’s patterned papers in her Plum Pudding kit gave such a warm, rich feel to the quilt pattern when it was dne! It took me about 5 hours to separate all the sections in the pattern and make a scrapbook template from it and now you can have it with another template for $1.10...which makes me pretty cheap, but in a good way! If this seems to be a popular template, maybe I’ll pass on some more quilt inspired creations!

All Tucked In has less going on in the background, using white space or journaling to showcase a couple of photos.

credits - "Dinner at 7" by Darlene Haughin

This cookbook page was done with All Tucked In and Darlene’s Haughin’s Dinner at 7, which is not yet available for sale! It’s actually the posting bonus at SAS for the My SAS-y Self challenge this month. If you like what you see, why not come over and show your layout about your family? Darlene will give you the mini kit for free!

Doesn’t that page look like it just belongs in a family cookbook? Wouldn’t it be a neat page to swap or even have for free? What a Davlicious idea! More coming VERY soon!

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