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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Giving Thursday

That’s my Dad when he was a teenager!
Credit - “The Old Stuff” brag book page by Digitalegacies Designs

It’s one week before Thanksgiving Thursday, so, I’m going to make this “Giving Thursday” so I have something to be thankful I gave next week!

I won’t have a cyber presence next Thursday and a good portion of Friday. Oh, it’s all family stuff. The Friday part has nothing to do with shopping! I promote things all of you Black Friday fans might enjoy, but the truth is, I won’t be joining you! If when all is said and done on this planet, I find that I haven’t been good enough to get into Heaven after all, I will spend the rest of eternity in a mall with a sale paper!

I love looking at all of the Christmas displays and the lights everywhere during the holidays, but when I’m in the store looking at those displays, it’s during the week, during the day if I can, or maybe near close on a Tuesday, when the crowds are smaller. I also shop in non-mall department stores, like Kmart or Target and small local shops. I save money on the things I make for gifts, so I can avoid sale crowds!

I have friends and family who LOVE the rush of Black Friday and that whole holiday mob. If I see a good sale on something that might interest them, I pass on the information and I really do love the marketing phenomenon. I just prefer looking at the statistics rather than experiencing it first hand!

Today I’m going to take an extended lunch to run a few errands, including the shopping I need to do for my contributions for Thanksgiving dinner! I make the cranberry relish (see Davlicious Recipes) and decorated cookies using my turkey cookie cutters. I’m also in charge of getting the Starbucks coffee and flavored creamers. Verona and pumpkin spice, it gives Thanksgiving dinner the definite touch of Nani-flavor!

Before I leave on those errands, I want to do that giving I was talking about! I did a small set of brag book pages with “The Old Stuff” Brag books are awesome gifts, especially nice for those of us on limited funds and a mallphobia! I have pages I made, some I downloaded and iPhoto. Add a mini-album from the dollar store and a few other supplies with my glue gun and it makes a beautiful hybrid masterpiece! Well, anyway, a great gift!

So, if you are thinking along similar lines,or if you are now, Here are 5 pages you can add to the collection to choose from for your project!

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE the Old Stuff Brag Book pages. There is only one thing wrong with them. There are not enough!!! LOL. More, More,we want more. They are gorgeous. TYFS.

Mary, NC

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for a very cute brag book.