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Friday, November 21, 2008

Is That A Banana In Your Pocket?

When I don’t have a request for Friday, that’s what you get for a post title when it’s not baseball season! I was thinking in the shower, which is where I have a lot of my “I’m gonna have a V-8!” moments. It’s good to have those moments when you can still have the V-8, right? ;)

What I was thinking about was funny slogans for bananas. Do you remember having fun with the banana stickers when you were a kid? I always put them on my nose. Mom had to find bunches of bananas with two stickers so my brother and I wouldn't fight over the sticker.

Have you seen the new banana stickers on the Chiquita Bananas? Back in the day, it was just the logo. They were still fun, but now there are new slogans. “I heart your heart” is cool, I put the “Great In Lunch Boxes” one on David’s visor in his truck and there is one that just says “LOL.” The stickers are in the traditional blue and there are some in dark Purple. They are promoting Chiquita’s website I think. There is something in the small print about going to the website for fun.

Yesterday, I got bananas. I’m the only one in the house who eats hem. I love bananas, but David isn’t crazy about them and cats are offended by the smell of them. That’s a theory I’ve tested on four cats now. Every one of them looked at me like I’d offered them a sniff of a week old ashtray. I’d say it’s past theory and is a well known fact. Since no one shares my love for them with me, I buy small quantities. Yesterday, I bought two perfect yellow ones and two green ones to ripen in the fruit basket.

Each pair of bananas had a sticker on one of them. These stickers made me wonder who writes the phrases for the stickers and to whom they are marketing! One reads “Pocket Size Fun” the other reads “Let’s Play!”

I was having some fun last night. I put one of the bananas in David’s pocket and was going to put the “Pocket size fun” sticker in the front of his pants pocket. But I thought, maybe just a little over the top for a family blog! Also, the average man’s dress pants aren’t tight enough to actually see the banana unless it’s hanging out of the pocket anyway. In fact a tall man’s pockets are deep enough to make a banana disappear!

I still wonder how do you get the gig writing the banana stickers. That could be fun. But I bet they fire the ones who REALLY have fun with that job!


seamhead gypsy said...

LOL !!! I kid you not. yesterday afternoon I gave me daughter a banana for a snack and left the sticker on it. she didn't want it. Now what kind of a kid doesn't want the banana sticker? Undaunted I simply took the sticker off of the banana and plastered it to my forehead! I forget what it said however.

I normally do not eat a formal breakfast, but I always have a banana with one of my several, ok more than several, cups of coffee.

And how about this for a banana slogan, "is it baseball season yet?"

seamhead gypsy

Nani said...

No banana sticker?? Kids nowadays! Yeesh! ;)

David will tell you I drink SEVERAL cups of coffee a day. Really, I usually drink 2 unless I go out for coffee socially. But he doesn't get social coffee either!

sparklyraven said...

ok I am sooo glad someone else saw the pocket size fun sticker! I stuck 1 on my water bottle and 1 on my coffee cup because I was not being believed. It has provided many a giggle though. Like there isn't enough innuendo with bananas.