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Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Spider Even Nani Likes?

You’ve read my blog post talking about Google Rank, search engines, more hits to the site and their importance. Rank and position have everything to do with how easy it is for readers, or potential readers, to find you! I know from checking out my web stats for The Chronicles of Nani, many visitors find me with search engines and sometimes the terms they use surprise me. For that, I have to thank spiders!

A spider, is simply a web of your content that a search engine or directory uses in key word searches. A search engine will generally search you index page, page one. If the search engine has a web of more pages on your blog, it will match to term a few pages back. Some search engines do that on their own, when they have time, after the big corporation web sites are done. It's not like there are that many websites out there, right? Yeah, you get the point. Our little blogs can sit here in the corner of cyberspace for years before the major search engines find ALL that we have to offer!

Manipal, Mike, at the IZEA boards, has developed a way to Submit your Blog to 1,000,000 Search Engines & Directories. It’s not incredibly expensive, in fact, if you are using your blog to sell or promote a product, it’s a pretty INexpensive way to increase your visibility. Just imagine, if you are an aspiring designer, how much more likely it will be to have your talent seen by someone who can connect you with a store that’s seeking new talent by tapping into the treasure trove of prompts you put in your blog every day without even trying! Visualize someone doing a search for Christmas scrapbook kits before you have your first Christmas post up this year, but the search hits a post from last year and there they are at YOUR blog now!

There are several plans for submitting your blog, the top one being Spider Gold, which is only $25. That’s right, a great promoting tool and the top is only $25!

If you go for broke on this, how many sales will it take to recoup the expense? Even if we’re only talking $5 kits, it’s just 5 and then it’s gravy! What if it gets you a store? If there’s anyone else out there trying the sponsored posts, I know from my experience that a higher rank opens up better paying opportunities too!

Find out more by clicking here. Hey, clicking is free, reading is free and it’s a service that just might be worth its pixels in gold!

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