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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day!

The polls in Toledo opened at 6:30 AM. How do I know this? I was in line at 6:20 AM! My honey volunteered to check out the opening of the polls, numbers of people there first thing, talk to a few people, for work and I tagged along, jokingly calling it “Take your girlfriend to work day.”

Since I was planning on the day off for jury duty and didn't have jury duty and David is working late, we did his extra mini-shift at our own polling pace right at the start of the day and spent the rest of it chasing a few trains.

So now, if you are in Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio or the United States, did you vote too or are you leaving it up to me? I voted on candidates and issues for all four. This democracy thing only works for both of us if we both vote. Take it easy on me and do your share!

Voter turnout is expected to set records this year, so I know there probably aren’t a lot of US readers here who aren't voting, but the more people there are, the more important every vote is. If there are more people, there are naturally more voting the way you DON’T want things to go as well as people who do. EVERY vote counts!

And there’s my Tuesday soap box! :)


There are some great things going on in my world right now. I completely finished the first draft on my enormous scrapping project for this year Sunday! YAY me! I did over 145 pages for a gift I’m planning to give for Christmas. Now it’s the proofreading stage. Sorry, but I can’t say anymore than that, since “Joe” might read this blog! I’ll certainly be able to tell, and even show more at the end of next month, but I am really excited to give this gift!

I worry that I could be found because I work very hard to promote The Chronicles of Nani, so I’m not hard to find! Still it's not easy enough to find me! I’m working on raising my Google Rating.

Google Rating is figured by the number of other blogs that link to you, number of hits you get, as well as the number of hits they get. There is a formula for figuring it and the pay post sites use that rating to figure what opportunities you can accept to blog about. My Google rating is “2,” so there are some more interesting and better paying jobs I can’t accept. I did find out that according to the TOU I can’t use a tag to let you know when I’m doing a paid post. I think, the ones I’ve done have been obvious that they were paid posts, but I’ve put an effort in to making them both interesting for my regular readers and still able to meet the sponsor’s needs. I figure they are kinda like TV ads. They might be interesting or give you a chuckle, even if you don’t have an interest in the product. If you are interested, great, I’ve done you and “my client” service. I encourage much link clicking if it interests you to know more! If the product or site isn't for you, just wait until the ad is over and enjoy the next part of the blog. I’m not going to put so many ads or the type of ads that would make you click the window closed!

Now, since I’ve done okay with the couple I’ve done, I want to be able to continue to do them, but of course for quality products and concepts. Credit card offers and things where you have to share personal information are not within the strict Chronicles of Nani Code of Ethics, so you won’t see them here. But in order to open up more opportunities, I need to raise that Google bar! So, now I’m asking for your help!

The blinkies and logos in my “Friends Sites” section are all blinkie swappers with me! That is, I have their blinkie and a link to their blog or website in exchange for my blinkie and a link on theirs. It’s great networking and will bring potentially more hits to your blog or website too. Remember everyone that follows a link to The Chronicles of Nani, also has access to a simple click to every site in that column! If you are in my reader, at the bottom of the column, you’ll have a better chance to get a click with your blinkie up higher! Also, if I get a lot of offers for swapping, I may need to change some things on that side bar. A blinkie swap guarantees you a spot there!

I know from monitoring my stats that plenty of readers come from those blinkies and out click TO those sites as well. The blinkie swap really does work and it’s free promotion!

If you’d like to do the swap, snag my blinkie and either send me yours or direct me to your site. If you don’t have a blinkie, I can still post a logo made from your blog’s header. If you’d prefer not to have blinkies on your page, there is also a blinkie sized logo that doesn't move!

Coming soon!

I hope to have everything moved over and ready to launch Simply Davlicious Recipes soon! You can get a sneak peek through my profile. I decided to do it as a blog with each recipe having a single entry for ease of cross referencing. I’m going to do a grand launch when it’s ready!

Even in this time zone, there is still time to vote! If you’re a US registered voter and haven't voted yet, VOTE! If you aren’t a US voter, make sure your friends who are have voted! We all have to practice what privileges we have in our governments to keep our global friendships available and free!

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seamhead gypsy said...

YAY !! For us!! I voted this morning right after dropping my daughter off at pre-school. I was in and out of the polling center in about 10 minutes!! My better half voted last week when I dropped off her ballot at the auglaize county board of elections office. I took the liberty of requesting a ballot on her behalf as the unpredictability of her work schedule often doesn't allow her to maintain her plans.

The bad thing about casting my ballot when I did was that I didn't get to take my "little princess" with me to the polls. However the importance of voting was covered today for her at story hour in the library, complete with a picture of the American flag and another of a very colorful red, white, and blue graphic of the word, VOTE!