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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Announcing the Dollar and Dime & Weekend Freebie #2

I’m amazed watching all the new stores open up at SAS. There are other former cast mates that have also been brought on board in addition to the three winners and they are still punching out stuff like mad! If I didn’t manage to coax you into joining Stone Accent Studios during the designer contest, maybe the new SAS-y Ladies and the great holiday stuff from all of the designers there will do the trick?

A lot of the kits that were offered for free during the contest are now for sale in the stores. I have to admit that seems kinda weird to me. It was expected that the winners would put their free kits on sale. The whole idea of putting a new kit as a freebie for a limited time is a great way to spread the word and maybe get a little feedback. But, I think because they were free in a competition to actually get the store is why it seems strange to me. I think if I do the contest thing again, I’ll do some kits I won’t release and save those to fill a store rather than take the free ones off the shelf and put price tags on them. I think it’s okay to do that, but I just don’t think I’d be comfortable doing it. If I don’t get a store, I‘d have some stockpiled freebies to release after the contest. That’s IF I do a contest again. It’s not a risk I can take for the ROI and a heck of a lot of time to do it pro! I admire the people who have the passion and I’m jealous of the time they can sacrifice to devote to it!

The brain has to have something to do in the shower while the body is getting washed, so I was thinking the whole thing further yesterday morning. I was thinking about the mini-kits that are former posting bonuses that many designers put on sale. That is totally the right thing to do! In fact, I think it would be wrong to make them freebies after others had to earn them.

Where this comes into play for me in the here and now is the kits I have done as a bonus for showing me a layout. So far, it’s been just 2, “A Perfect Summer Day,” and “Indian Summer.” When I released “Indian Summer” as the new bonus, I created the “seek and know” quiz to earn “A Perfect Summer Day.” In order to earn the bonus, you now had to spend time combing the blog to get enough right answers to get the minimum score. Then I made it really easy, you can take it again! But still, that’s not fair to the people who sent me layouts and got the bonus after that. They got the bonus earlier, but they did more work too!

The Chronicles of Nani is the home studio of Digitalegacies Designs. (There’s a Mac in the storage room right next tot he 5-gallon containers of cherry filling for the black forest cake!) A lot of coffee shops sell mugs, coffee pots or promote local artists. This is where I think I’d like to go. I won’t take money for things that have been free, but I won’t give away things others have earned, either. So, I’ve put together the Digitalegacies Designs Dollar and Dime Store. Right now, you can purchase “A Perfect Summer Day” for $1.10. I’m doing it through PayPal. Just add the kit to your cart and when you check out, PayPal will walk you through the rest. As soon as I have verification that the payment has been made, I’ll email you the link. It will usually be less than one business day when you get the link. In January, when I release the new bonus, “Indian Summer” will be moved to the Dollar and Dime. I going to invite scrapping readers to do some challenges from time to time. When I do, challenge bonuses will retire to the retired bonuses store too. So, the people who do layouts to earn the gifts will never have their efforts devalued by the gift becoming free.

Checkout the Grand Opening of Digitalegacies Designs Dollar and Dime
It’s a VERY small shop for right now! :)

Now, enough talk about freebie ethics, how about a freebie?

Credits - Kit - “Train,Train” by Digitalegacies Designs
Template - “Photo Train” by Digitalegacies Designs

I did this page as a Book of Me, “Nani likes trains” page. David liked this because it includes pictures of me on trains, with trains and pictures from before we met.

The template is called “Photo Train,” not because it’s got trains on it, but the four smaller photos are connected in a train across the middle in between the two main photos.

Sorry, this link is expired.

If you’d like to leave a comment, I’d love it if you left it here! And now, you have the incentive of knowing that what you work to earn will not ever become something just anyone can have. Send me your layout and I’ll send you “Indian Summer” before it goes in the Dollar and Dime!

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Edna B said...

Thanks so much. What a nice template, I'll have to see if I can do it justice. Hugs,Edna B.