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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Turkey Cookies and Snow Globes

I think I have everything gathered in appropriate places not to forget any of it tomorrow. I’m waiting for the frosting to set on my turkey cookies. The nice thing abut having Thanksgiving dinner at my Aunt’s and Dad’s place is my Aunt’s 4-year-old twin grandkids have been there they last couple days. If anyone stops by tomorrow, they'll probably just think they did the frosting! LOL I’m NOT a frosting artist! Hey, as long as it’s chocolate and shaped like a turkey, it’s perfect!

David is working tonight, so I was playing for a while before supper. I’ve been wanting to try to do a snow globe for a while and thanks to a gorgeous piece of PD clip art and a great Photoshop tutorial from DevelopingWebs.net, here is my first ever snow globe!

(Background Paper by Tirza)

Has anyone else done one of these that has any idea how to do clear glass? The painting , "A Song of Angels," by William Bouguereau, is beautiful with the characters extracted in a clear ball, but as soon as I merged, the ball turned black. I tried a million ways to manipulate the file and it didn’t work. If there’s a background, the ball is clear as long as it’s still in layers or you flatten the whole thing. But try to make a png of just the snow globe and ZAP - it’s midnight in the snow! For the download I did the original painting and the extracted figures against a dark green background.

Sorry, this link is expired.

As always, I love to read your comments here at The Chronicles of Nani about Digitalegacies Designs products or anything else!

I hope everyone celebrating tomorrow has a Happy Thanksgiving and you all enjoy being the recipients of the first Christmas Gift I’m giving this year!


seamhead gypsy said...

I like the globe and I plan on downloading it and using in on katie's fall pages.... which i am currently working on!

Great Idea!!!

Edna B said...

Your snow globe is terrific. Thank you so much. I'm hoping you have a great Thanksgiving Day.

I never had chocolate turkey cookies, but I wish I had. They look so yummy.

Hugs, Edna B.

Anonymous said...

I love these nativity snow globes!!! Thankyou so much! :) -k