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Friday, November 21, 2008

It's Less Than a Week Away!

Fresh Floral Cornucopia at 1800flowers.com

I had left a comment on Darlene’s blog yesterday about looking forward to the Holidays and the kick off to them in America is less than a week away! I love the holidays and I’m a bona fide Christmas nut, but in a lot of ways, Thanksgiving is my favorite. In the past 40+ years, there have been huge family gatherings and more intimate dinners, but Thanksgiving has always been a day steeped in traditions and love.

It doesn’t change incredibly from year to year. The place and attendees may differ a little, but there is always a turkey, Mom’s sage dressing recipe and my great grandmother’s gravy recipe. Grandma brings a pumpkin pie and another fruit pie of whatever flavor she chooses that year. My own cranberry relish has joined the traditional menu too!

There are no gifts on Thanksgiving. I think that’s a big plus too. The center of the holiday is being with people and sharing a bounty for the senses. It truly is an opportunity to give thanks for each other and the wonderful blessings we have. I guess that’s why I am so adamant about having decorations that fit that holiday. Just for a day, a quiet, staying-in-one-place day, to be surrounded by happy reminiscing with my family, the heavenly smells from the kitchen and the symbols of the first Thanksgiving in the warm colors of fall.

We have a separate table for the pies and cookies, the cheese tray and decorations. I get the table cloths and napkins for the eating table and the dessert serving table. On the dessert table is where we put those decor pieces I’m always so mad about finding. I want Thanksgiving decor. That’s not anywhere near as easy to find as Halloween or Christmas! The table we eat at and that festive dessert table have to have the appropriate theme and colors!

I found some perfect floral centerpieces at 1800flowers.com! I love cornucopias as Thanksgiving decorations and they have a couple of wicker cornucopias with floral arrangements that would look so good surrounded by Grandma’s pies and my turkey cookies! And they have a cranberry plant! I just want to photograph that sitting next to my cranberry relish!

There is some really sweet stuff at 1800flowers.com to accent your Thanksgiving table or for the perfect gift for your hosts! If you didn’t bake a cake, don’t walk in empty-handed! Check out the floral pieces, the ones with candles or the fresh floral cornucopia - just make sure you leave one for me!

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