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Friday, July 18, 2014

It’s Good To Be The Queen

Behind Orange Eyes
Sent from Mommy's iPad

Daddy has talked about getting me a cat-tower for a long time but he couldn’t find the right one. But now he did find one! It’s so cool! It’s tall like him with a throne on top that I can just disappear in when I’m sleepy. That’s important because I need my cute-rest and Marco always bugs me. If I’m hidden on the throne top of my tower I can’t see him so he doesn’t bug me so much.

This cool tower is made out of carpets so I can scratch and climb. It even has three seats so I can rest at whatever level I want. I let the other cats lay on the spots I’m not using. Sometimes they try to sit next to me and I have to set them straight. Carla’s only tried that a few times but Marco is always trying to make me move. As if! Why would I move on MY tower just because he says so? He’s a cute kid sometimes, but sometimes he needs to be set straight.

This is how it should be on MY tower!

My Graduation Present!

Behind Dark Eyes
sent from Daddy's laptop

It’s so neat and so unexpected! I thought you just got extra treats for graduation but I guess since I got an award for the best final project in the history of Acme Feline Obedience School Daddy went all out! Maybe it just proves I deserved my award!

this is my favorite seat! No one else
 sits here because I'M the graduate!

I got a tower with four different places to lie down and watch TV or watch Mommy. It’s got a rug all over it like the carpet scratching post in the living room and when I scratch on it no one says to stop like when we scratch on the carpet on the top step upstairs. That’s still confusing, but when I scratch on my tower Mommy even says “Good Carla!” I love that she thinks that!

I’m A Year Old!

Behind Stripes and Spots

Really I turned a year old last month but my birthday present camed a few weeks ago! Daddy bringed me home this cool tower to climb all over and watch the stuff on the porch-TV screens. It’s also comfy for sleeping on and it has guest places so my sisters can come out too. But sometimes they’re mean and I don’t want to share.

There's room for my sisters sometimes too.

I looked up that word in the dictionary. I hadda do it in a dog dictionary because I couldn’t find it in a real dictionary. It means to give something to a dog! “Share means to give something you have to another dog. It's fun and makes your humans happy.” I don’t get it and when I asked Carla she told me that I needa read better books. See if I let her sleep on my birthday present.

High-End Groceries

That heavenly salad was my lunch today made possible by a 9AM bus ride to the new high-class Kroger in Maumee. Oh, that’s not my snotty opinion about the newer Kroger being high-end, that’s Kroger’s stand. I got this knowledge from one of the workers at the store I usually go to and it all started with a coupon!

I had a coupon, actually 2, for Sargento Tastings. Tastings are small “tastes” of specialty or gourmet cheeses. They had the little Havarti right on the coupon; it was screaming for me to try! It was a Kroger coupon, specifically find this at Kroger. I’d tried several times to find out where in the store it was. The dairy sent me to the deli, the deli sent me to the dairy; I couldn’t find them anywhere. Finally David looked and couldn’t get a good location from asking either, and guys don’t like asking where things are. He wrote “where?” on the coupon he was holding and threw it on the customer service counter.

The last time I was shopping on my own there was someone stocking cheese in dairy. I needed help getting yogurt off the top shelf so when I went to ask him for help, I also asked him if he’d ever heard of the “Sargento pieces of cheese…” I couldn’t remember the name at the time. He finished the sentence, “Tastings, I know what they are, but we don’t carry them. They have them at the Maumee store.” Hmph. I asked why they only had them at one but not the other. That’s when I found out our nearest 2 Krogers were Kroger Value Stores and the new one in Maumee is a Kroger Specialty Store. Our nearest store concentrates on value and lower prices while the new store targets variety and harder to find items. I found the Sargento Tastings in Maumee and my favorite balsamic vinaigrette that they don’t carry at the Value store. I also took my bags over to the in-store Starbucks ad had a latte while I waited for my bus.

The bus drivers had been asking if I tried the new Kroger and I hadn’t because it wasn’t as close. Several have encouraged me because it’s the same $2 if I go a mile or 10. The prices are comparable for items both types of stores carry and the specialty items do have specialty pricing. I got all my veggies, some flavors of yogurt I can’t get at the other store and a bag of black beans for soup which was the same price either location. Still, I looked over the receipt while I sipped my Starbucks latte to figure out where I spent roughly $25 more than I usually do for my biweekly grocery trip. My conclusion is that I’ll shop my usual store twice for every once I shop at the specialty store. That puts the overage at roughly $8 and change per trip. Ah, but that piece of Sharp Wisconsin Cheddar with lunch was good!

I was going to tell you about the new cat-tower David got for the kids but Marco is yanking on my arm because he want to tell about it. So stay tuned!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Book Review: Real Vampires Have Curves by Gerry Bartlett

Finished July 14, 2014

Synopsis at Good Reads

Gloriana St. Clair is an eternally "full-figured" vampire-she just happened to be bloating when a sexy Scotsman sank his teeth into her. She and said Scot- Angus Jeremiah Campbell III, aka Jeremy Blade-have been on and off again for centuries, currently off. A couple hundred years has taught them how to press each other's buttons-in good ways and bad.

Glory's headed for Austin and a new business venture: Vintage Vamp's Emporium. After all, she loves clothes, and she is an antique. Only problem is, there's a billionaire techno-freak vampire hunter on the loose. Blade's in total he- vampire mode, and wants Glory to move in with him so he can "protect" her. But it's time for this vamp to explore her own powers.

My review at Good Reads

3.5 of 5 stars

This is not my usual kind of book but it sounded interesting, it sounded fun. And it was fun! It's very light reading. But the characters are developed well and you do feel like you know them, all 400+ years of them. It also does a wonderful job of making bad guy about as bad as bad gets.

Vampires are portrayed as sexy or sexual beings, maybe more than was necessary. But the story was fun, at times intense and the people in the story we developed well enough to make you wonder, "maybe."

All in all for light reading I thought it was a good book. At the end of the book includes a sample chapter from the next book and it's possible somewhere down the road I may pick that one up too. If you like vampire stories, a decent amount of sex, and characters you might even want to hang out with as long as you're wearing a turtleneck, pick up Real Vampires Have Curves it's a fun quick read.

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