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Yes, I’ve been gone a while…a long while. I’ve had some other physical and subsequent mental issues. I don’t really want to talk about them. It enhances the stress and potential depression. I read an article that explains the MIA from blogging probably better than I could.

Isolation: When Our Disease Makes Us Withdraw

So whether it’s starting over or
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Saturday, January 11, 2020

First Post of 2020

Hello everyone and welcome to 2020!

Yes, I do realize that it's the11th of January already. I'm feeling kind of overwhelmed with the many priorities in my life right now. And they're all important priorities to me which is why I'm talking to a therapist who is helping me sort out my priorities. Remember I've blogged before about the importance of realizing when you need a little help. My niece is a therapist in Indiana and I couldn't be more proud. She's in a profession that is just as important as any of the other medical professions. I think there are a lot of medical problems that can at least be helped by talking to someone who knows what questions to ask to help us find the answers to mental blocks we maybe put it in front of ourselves.

DISCLAIMER: I am not by any means saying that you should not see a medical professional on a regular basis nor am I saying that a therapist can cure everything that's going on with you mentally, sometimes you do need medication.

But one thing that I will say is that it never hurts to talk to a professional even if it's just one session every now and then to keep your psyche straight. Most insurance will even cover those appointments that could very well cost them more down the road

OK, my plug for the psychology/psychiatry profession is done.

So what do you think of the 2020 photo that started the blog? I think the colors are great; soothing and exciting at the same time. That's my January desktop. It's one of the three backgrounds you can get from the web. I picked this one out on New Year's Eve.

What I'm gonna do today, at least in part, is talk about my goals and projects for the coming year. This is something I've done in the past on my blog in January, but also keep in mind that “talking to a therapist about setting my priorities up” but I talked about in the beginning of the page. This year I am accepting and working on “Projects and Goals” as an ongoing project itself.

I guess I'm going to start with my first goal - I haven't done "Goals and Projects” on my blog since 2017. I need to speak that affirmation for myself out loud and in print every year. It helps. I also haven't done a logo since 2016.

As a creative person that's part of the affirmation. I'll be working on the 2020 logo and before the weekend is over the goals and projects 2020 affirmation post will be a reality.

Stay tuned!

Thursday, December 12, 2019

So much going on

credits: Wintergreen by Mags Graphics and Winter Magic 
by Aprilisa Designs, Challenge word art by 
Kristmess, snowman paintings Fair Use from the Internet

Too much going on too? I have two big problems that I'm working on. I am proud to say that I actually am working on both of them. More on that in a minute…

Don't you just love the scrapbook page that started off my blog? I say that with all kinds of pride and I'm not sorry for stroking my own ego. I made that (No I didn't draw the pictures, I can't draw, but I did put it out to gather into a scrapbook page) and I’m very happy with how it turned out. The line referring to children making snowmen as “outdoor Michelangelos making Davids” is one I came up with many years ago and my husband David said it was too much to use on Christmas card. So I knew that eventually I wanted to use it for a scrapbook page and put that single line on a word document and then switched it to a pages document when I changed back to Mac. That's how long I was holding onto that line until I had time to create a scrapbook page I thought was worthy of it. I am VERY proud of that page.

All of my gifts and gift wrap are here and ready for me to put together, or anyway, ask David and/or my aides to put together for me.

To add to my pre-holiday excitement, I just found out that my niece, Rina, will be at my dad’s on Christmas Day after all! Originally, a first year assistant manager, of course has the short straw when it came to getting a holiday off and although she isn't working on Christmas was originally scheduled for Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas leaving no way she was going to drive all the way up to Michigan for Christmas day to turn around four hours later and go back to Indianapolis. As it works out she was able to get the schedule manipulated so that she can be in Michigan for the Christmas Eve feast at my cousin’s and for Christmas morning at Pop’s. I'm sure she feels great about it for her, but I will admit wholeheartedly that I personally feel blessed. I'm not so mobile and therefore not able to see my nieces anymore than once or twice a year now. Good thing at over 50 I'm still well-versed in the way 20-somethings communicate.

All I really need now is to get my wool cape dry cleaned and either spend a night driving around looking at Christmas lights or finding a night that's not quite so cold to go to the zoo and see The Lights Before Christmas. If that can't happen I'll settle for making some space for my little 2 foot tree.

The Lights Before Christmas at the Toledo zoo, 2011

Now back to my two problems. First problem, as I'm going backwards in years, is my hands. First let me describe what MS hands are like. My description of what my untreated hands feel like is imagine that your hands are twice the size that they are, almost like there's a second skin that's blown up over top of your regular hands and inside that second skin it's packed full of tiny buzzing insects and day and night that's all you feel is swollen hands stiffened by the fact that they're packed with these buzzing insects. I've tried so many different kinds of prescribed drugs and dry skin lotions so that I could use my hands, grab more things without dropping them and even type. Frustratingly, nothing was working, one of the drugs even made me sleep so soundly that I’d wake up not knowing what time of day it was and sometimes not even knowing where I was. As a thinker and a control freak THAT was not acceptable!

But now, I've become part of the cannabis generation! I have not taken up smoking or seriously doing drugs. But I use CBD ointment, which is basically the healing part of marijuana without the THC that makes you high (and gives you the munchies which I really don't need right now.) I use a combination of serum and the lotion. And I've been experimenting now with a 3X lotion that I can really feel when I put it on and it starts clearing up my hands right away. The 3X unfortunately stands for triple strength and triple price. But if it works and I can actually feel things and use my fingers to type or at least fix errors that using speech to text makes, might make it worth swallowing the extra cost.

Then there's the other problem that I'm fixing. I'm actually talking with a therapist again to help me sort out the fact that I have a huge list of priorities that's so overwhelming I can't prioritize all the priorities. I've worked with a therapist and psychologist before and as I've said in the past they are the most wonderful people in the world. I think the number one thing is that you have to be open to allowing them to help you and you have to accept that helping you is not doing it for you but it's helping you find it in yourself to do it for yourself. I'm not gonna say that it's difficult or that it's easy, that it's quick or takes forever. That depends on what the problems are that you are brave enough to tackle and strong enough to realize that you can't do it alone. So far I'm already starting to feel somewhat at ease as the professional I'm talking with is already helping me break up my priority list so I can tackle things one thing at a time.

OK now is the time where I mention again that while Rina is the dedicated retail manager moving her way up, just like her great grandmother did, her twin sister, Tori, is a psychologist in Indianapolis. To say that I am incredibly proud of MY millennials is truly an understatement.

Christmas last year

So that's me checking in for now. With a little more control over my hands I should be able to blog a little more. But realistically, I don't think the next blog will be from me because after reading JDs fill ins Marco has been bugging me that it's his turn. But I think I've got some Christmas pictures and maybe even Christmas music to share this weekend.

Please keep me or add me to your reading list. The positive comments really do keep me going.

Now I need to take a break so I can do some reading and commenting myself!

Monday, December 9, 2019

Behind The Dot

Hi everyone in the Interwebs!

I’m Julie Danielle Catinez, but call me JD. I like JD better. Mommy says Julie Danielle is my name but she only uses it when I’m bad. Bad? Who’s the cat here? I’ll tell you if I’m ever bad. I’ll turn 4 next year and be able to go to feline obedience school. I read that in the online sample of our first semester text book, “Make Them Obey.” Even if you don’t go to obedience school, it’s a best-seller at Catmazon!

Mommy follows some pretty cool blogs! She hasn’t writed a lot in a while, but she’s using stuff she says is like catnip but you don’t feel funny. It sounds like boring catnip, but it helps her help me write, so if she likes it, it’s okay for me.

Mommy follows some great blogs Of course there’s Miss Edna’s biog where we keep up on our friend, Pogo, but there are also blogs about or writed by other cats! They play Interwebs games together. Mommy’s gonna help me with Linky so I can play too.

Friendly Fill-Ins is a Friday game, and I will try to do it earlier this week.

Friendly Fill-Ins are from Four Legged Fur Balls and 15 and Meowing.

1. I look forward to seeing _________ at the holidays.

2. I can see _________ outside my _________ window.

3. _________ always puts me in a festive mood.

4. My favorite holiday tradition is _________.

1. I look forward to seeing Santa Paws at the holidays! Last year I was a kiteen (Mommy and Daddy say we look like cats at a year old, but kittenhood lasts for a couple years.) Because I just becomed a housecat last year, I never got treats and toys for Christmas before. I can’t wait this year!

2. I can see squirrels outside my front cat TV screen. (Which they tell me is also called a window) It snowed last month and Squirrely, the star of The Squirrel Show, went into his oak tree in front of the screen. But it got warmer and there was another episode!

3. Mommy puts on my favorite green blanket so I can sleep on her legs always makes me happy and that’s a festive mood. She makes Christmas scrapbook pages and it makes her happy.

4. My favorite holiday tradition is Mommy has Christmas candy so we get more treats!

Have fun! I’ll be back soon!

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Friday By Request (Sprung Forward)

Did you remember to spring your non digital device clocks ahead? I set my calendar ahead two days. So no we have Friday By Request on Sunday!

As regulars at my Cyber Coffee Shop read on my last post, I’ve had some social and mojo issues as of late. 13 jigsaw puzzles in March so far, what I do to unstress, and a bit of creative bug is back… We’ll see how I did!

Today’s request is from my Facebook page, from Chickie, one of the great wedding gifts my husband gave me. She asked for a poem about eyes, mentioning my own, with a sweet compliment. I had written a poem called Eyes in 2003 and read the poem with a music background myself, in my overnight radio voice. I asked if she’d like me to include the somewhat shocking to some who know me poem and audio after the 2019 poem about eyes. She said, “yeah, please.”

So here are my very different 2019 and 2003 efforts featuring eyes.

Eyes On The Road - Be Brave

Eyes on the road
Ears on the radio

The snow is cold and unforgiving
I should have never left
It started falling too soon
Sticking to the road less than an hour after I left
It’s like the storm is grabbing the car, pulling me back

Eyes on the road
Ears on the radio

The forecast says the snow slows down a half-hour ahead
I’m leaving for the promise of better
When I get there things will be good
It's 4am. 45 minutes ago is was supposed to be better a half hour ahead
They’re still making that same promise

Eyes on the road
Ears on the radio

Maybe I should turn around and give up
The freeway has snow, ice, semis and one little red sports car
I spent too much time with my eyes in he rearview mirror
The little sports car spins and is now facing the trucks
They give me room and I turn to face forward

Eyes on the road
Don’t look back

They keep saying it’s better ahead, but when?
I spin again and again the semis give me space to get back on track
I haven’t hit anything, is that a good sign?
I don’t think I believe the forecasters anymore
Need to make a call, it’s taking too long

Eyes on the road
Be strong, be patient

After a cup of coffee I’m back on the road
As daylight is breaking I can see how much it snowed
I’m tired, still scared, but the snow has finally slowed to gentle flakes
The road is still slick but I can see sunlight ahead
A truck passes and today the little red sports car enjoys the briny shower

Eyes on the road
It’s getting brighter

As I reach the interchange it's bright and the roads have turned to slush
It's still not fun to drive in but better than a few hours ago
Later than expected, but I reach my destination
The first stop of my long journey but things are better
I’m relieved. I’m safe. I’m glad I didn’t turn back

Eyes on the road
No matter how long it takes


Eyes peer into the darkness,

looking for a friend.
A lonely heart cries from emptiness,
will my search ever end?

Lips thirst for another's to quench them,
eyes sparkling bright.

A body hungers for passion inside it,
fireworks explode in the night.

A soul warmed by the company beside it,
things are just as they seem.

Fantasies fulfilled fade to quieting moments,
eyes drift off to dream.

Monday, March 4, 2019

I'm Sorry That Last Weekend Didn't Happen

Last WEEK was an insane week for for me.

My nurse, who takes care of me during the week, started the week with the flu. How do medical professionals gets sick? Isn't that impossible? That pretty much much had her out for the week. The feeling sick part was over and she'd come in for short stops to take care of the basics”weak as a kitten" during therecovery portion.

Add to that a sick husband during the first half of the week. David didn’t have the flu, just a REALLY bad cold. " Husbands aren't supposed to get sick either, right? No, wait, that's moms. Moms aren't supposed to get sick according to the commercial. I don't know if that's a fail as a commercial because I don't remember the product, I just remember that moms aren't supposed to get sick. Okay, I do know the truth that when husbands get sick they turn into big babies. When are husband of a disabled spouse get sick, he retreats into a sleeping and coughing shell.

So it's been a very rough week for me because it's been a rough week for the people around me.

I finally had some private time where I could actually do phone calls to go with the research I've been doing all week. After an exhausting five hours of answers that were the opposite of what I wanted to hear, Yannie, my nurse, was here for about an hour and a half. (she usually does a LOT more than nursing stuff for me) and then after she left I drifted into a semi defeated nap.

The greatest understatement I can make right now, is it my social media mojo, heck, my mojo in general, is kind of not there.

I did have a couple how long phone calls with family members, friends up in Michigan. That was good for the soul, as it always is. But right now things aren't generally fabulous for any of us. So at least for now, the two hour phone call with one of my to beloved butt kickers didn't even push me in the direction of solving my problems. She just presented me with a few more avenues to use to look for help. I'm grateful for that but it's more work, maybe better answers. I have two sisters that have been in my life for a long time, who have traditionally grabbed me by the shoulders faced me in the direction of the better choice of the ones I'm considering and kicked me in the butt to get me moving. Unfortunately what I'm dealing with right now isn't that simple. So a couple of calls felt good but it didn't inspire my creativity… Yet

Stay tuned - I'm planning to do last weekend's Friday by Request and Weekend Playlist this coming weekend.