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Friday, November 7, 2008

The High Life

After Wednesday I’ve come to the conclusion that my comedy is worse than my poetry and that’s saying something! Whatever you do, don’t say “don’t quit your day job,” because that’s just mean!

Living The High Life?

In the somewhat ironic world of haves and have-nots, the site where I find my pay-per-post opportunities, bloggers writing posts for $5-20 dollars, (I’m qualified for the lower end of that) I came across a bunch of opportunities for which I was qualified yesterday that paid pretty well. They were to blog about my favorite watch at a discounted price site. So, my favorite watch was a $7,000 watch. That’s right, a seven THOUSAND dollar watch and that was after the discount. Who buys a seven thousand dollar watch?

Needless to say, even though it was a decent paying post, I didn’t take it. I mean, I could convincingly write it, but not for here. There’s the whole market thing. I know that the lion’s share of my “market” here is fellow scrappers. We’re mostly women, although I have some men who are scrappers, train fans and baseball fans too, but most of the readers at The Chronicles of Nani are women. Some of us work out of the home, some are stay at home Moms, I know there is at least one stay at home Dad, some are retired, some are grandparents. We just really don’t strike me as the $7,000 watch crowd. It wouldn't be fair to the client to take the money to write the blog entry that I know won't get them any business and it would be absurd to most of you reading! I’d feel kinda absurd writing it. But it was a pretty watch, all diamondy and stuff! ;)

Have you ever seen those commercials for Miller where the guy comes in and takes the beer away from pretentious people? The guy with the $7,000 watch gets no beer! (Still who buys a $7,000 watch??)

The REAL High Life!~

But let’s get to something more in our collective scrap-happy budgets! How about free?

Credits - “Today” by Darlene Haughin

Some time ago I did a heritage layout using Darlene Haughin’s Today kit. In that layout I used a frame from the kit and a paper, manipulated them around and made a journal folder that I really loved! I’ve since played with a few things in Photoshop and created a template for the folder. I still love the element! I can’t produce it without acknowledging Darlene’s kit for the inspiration it gave me, though!

The freebie today is a journal folder that coordinates with “Daddy’s Little Girl.” If you didn’t download “Daddy’s Little Girl,” you can still pick that up at the original post here. I hope you can find a use for the folder. I just love that folder! Yeah, I know, “don’t break my arm patting myself on the back,” right? But I really do think I’m learning how to do this designing thing better!

Sorry, this link is expired.

As always, I appreciate your comments here rather than at 4-shared. I actually have a lot of stuff there now! That makes me feel good because I’ve created a lot that I’m sharing, but it also means that I just can’t go back and read comments there for every file. Since comments are published after my approval here, I am sure to read every one of them and I love doing it! Also, send me a layout done with any Digitalegacies products in it and I’ll send you the link for Indian Summer!

Be sure to stop by again this weekend! It’s supposed to be a gloomy-good time for staying in, so more blogging for sure, especially since I have some other freebie stuff in my files! *hint, hint - stay tuned!


txbubbles said...

Popping in to see what's up! Hey, I got a chuckle from Wednesday's post! I love this journal folder! What a neat idea, thanks so much for sharing. Have a great weekend!
Vicki in Texas

Agnès said...

This journal folder is beautiful.
Thank you very much.