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Friday, November 14, 2008

A Little Bit of Business

It's kitty-siesta time.

THe SAS-y Ladies contest Cast Party officially ends tomorrow! All of the participating designers agreed to leave their gifts up through November 15. If you were waiting to visit our sites for any reason, don’t put it off any longer! Visit the Cast Party room today!

I’ll still have my gift, “Thank You,” up as part of the original blog entry, but the quick link to it at the top of the blog will be removed!

Did you check out Kaline's latest post yet? Our poor girl is having a really hard time dealing with things in general tight now and like a good American, she’s blaming it on the president. Of course, her problems are really not ones that can be fixed at the top and she’s blaming the president elect when he hasn’t even had a chance to mess anything up for anyone, but well, cat-logic and all. It’s a fun read, but I want to clear up a few things:

1. We do NOT abuse our cats! We inconvenience them last and if they ARE inconvenienced, rest assured it’s a bigger hassle for us!
2. The Cat/people TV situation is temporary. The tube died in our big screen and its a pretty huge piece of furniture. We just haven't had time and help to move it. We listened to the World Series on “the big blue radio” and I watched the election coverage on my 2” screen black and white Watchman. “Chipmunk” has been in full life-size color for the entire end of it’s season. WHO is suffering?
3. David doesn’t yell at me. He yells at THINGS, but seldom does he ever yell even in my general direction. And on those rare occasions when he does, he makes great amends - I’d say he earns forgiveness better than I do! But he never yelled at anyone about the TV. I think it’s the sensitive kitty ears!
4. We will NOT displace her friends who live on top of the TV! I’ve known Puff, Don’t Panic and Little Bear longer than she has!

Are ya confused or curious now? Read Kaline’s blog! hehe

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