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Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm hoping for a relist...

That really is all this posting is for too!

I started using DigiFree again. I know my feathers were ruffled by the grab and goes, but the truth is that I'd rather have the grab and goes than only 25 downloads of a freebie. Times are rough for everyone, me too. In this area of the country the job market is especially awful and I've been searching for a long time. The freebies that I do in the evenings and on the weekends are not just a creative outlet, but it's me feeling like I do have some sort of small purpose in this world! Oh, I LOVE the comments I get here, but my ego can fend off the bruises from the job search if there are at least lots of downloads! So no more grumbling about the grab and go folks. But that means I just love the people who leave comments even more! YOU folks are AWESOME!

Today I went to just confirm that my preview for the brag book pages using "The Old Stuff" was up and instead, I found the sample page with my Dad playing accordion on it. The automated program they use grabs either the image file that sounds the most like a preview, the image closest to the link for the download or the last picture in a blog entry. I have no idea how the first picture called "sample.jpg" was selected by the program over the last picture, right above the download link, the one called "preview.jpg." I mean that mix up really defies how the program is supposed to work!

Anyway, just in case someone who has no use for a single brag book page with an accordion on it, but might have use for the other FOUR in the set wouldn't know it was a set of five, I'm just reposting the preview and link in hopes that DigiFree will pick it up again!

If you already have the brag book pages, thanks for downloading them and sorry about the repeat! I would love to read any comments you'd care to share!

Sorry, this link is expired.


Shiloh said...

Thank you, this looks really nice.

Edna B said...

Good morning, my friend. I just downloaded your bragbook pages. I must say, what a treat. You can actually put a photo on them, and still see the photo without a magnifying glass. so many of these little pages are designed with teeny weeny little places for a photo.

So thank you very much for the beautiful pages. Hugs, Edna B.