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Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday By Request

Credits: Kit - "Falling Into Fall" by Piggyscraps

FBR day after Thanksgiving

Happy Leftovers Day! Is everyone still stuffed from yesterday? Thanksgiving is being especially thankful for good company and GOOD EATS!

I had a request left in the comments earlier this week. “Name 6 things you are thankful for,” from Seamhead Gypsy who said, “this should be an easy one.”

Only six? That’s NOT easy!

I won’t count the number one thing I’m thankful for today. I’m thankful that Black Friday exists to give the economy a little nudge. I am REALLY thankful that participation is not compulsory!

The next big thing I’m thankful for the Friday after Thanksgiving is LEFTOVERS! Especially when my Dad lets me take home the leftover Verona coffee and the Thanksgiving turkey carcass for soup! Today is a day of soup-making and hopefully I can get David to joining me for congee tomorrow!

But now, the six for FBR!

I’m Thankful
for Seamhead Gypsy

1. David

Growing up I was not the typical girl. I never had a dream wedding in mind or for that matter, even that I might be married one day. That idea that a man in my life was nonessential lasted for over 38 years!

Now, I’ve become a total girl and do have those silly thoughts in my head. maybe one day there will be a wedding. While I’d never thought it would be mine, I’ve wanted to do a wedding scrapbook ever since I started paper scrapbooking. Now, yeah, I look at wedding theme kits and my fantasy girlie brain starts purring.

But David to me is so much more than a fantasy man, which is why he makes me a giggly girl at times. He just “gets me” like no one ever has. I’m not a hearts and flowers romantic type, but I am a romantic. He knows how to romance me. He supports me, not just materially because I’m going through rough employment times, but he supports me completely. He makes me strong as a person and as a woman. He makes my inner-teenager swoon and is the perfect playmate for my inner child.

He is why now I can’t imagine living without what I never thought I wanted.

2. My family

The blood relatives and close friends who have made the difference in who I’ve become from who I was and are shaping who I will be. I am so lucky that I can tell you more than five people who have been dear friends and confidantes for over a decade, some of them for over two. I talk to Grandma at least once a week and Dad is never more than a call and a few miles away if I really need him. Tori and Rina have never let me lose my sense of wonder and desire to learn. Sometimes I feel so far away from everyone, but in my heart, they are all always close.

3. My future sister-in-law

My brother falls fast and hard and too many times that’s meant that he becomes a victim. There’s not a soft way to put that. He needs to be with a woman who will love him for the generous heart he has without trampling it, a strong woman who won’t take advantage of him or charge her strength by making him weak.

I think, and I truly hope I’m right, that he’s finally found that in Laura. He’s a great guy when he’s in between women, but he too often sold himself short and changed to be right for women who haven’t been worth it. This time, he’s happy and he is still that great guy.

I always said it would take one heck of a very special woman to be the right one for him. He’s probably more thankful than I am for her, but on behalf of everyone who loves the real Dave, thank you Laura, for loving the same guy we always have!

4. My faith

Plain and simple without my personal religious convictions and the faith and optimism that go with them, I couldn't possibly be making it right now.

5. HR departments that answer the phone, call back or at least send a form letter to acknowledge that a human being in need of a job has expressed an interest in their company.

Even if they have hired someone else to fill the open opportunity or if there is not an opening, the companies that have the respect to at least acknowledge that they were contacted are the best ones to hope to work for. I’ll remember the companies who have treated me like a person and act like a patron when I can.

6. The Internet

It’s not just a place to showcase my ego, but its someplace to make friends from all over the world. Someplace to learn about new cultures, share ideas and inspire other creative people just as they inspire me!

I also have relationships with cousins on both sides of my family that I wouldn't have without email and blogs! When miles are reduced to megabytes, we’re all closer!

1 comment:

seamhead gypsy said...

when i sent in this FBR i figured i'd better name 6 things i'm thankful for as well..... so here they are in no particular order.....

1. my past. quite frankly it has made me what i am today, which i'd like to think is grounded. being grounded helps me realize that some things just don't matter.

2. my future. i consider my son and my daughter my future, especially my daughter. with the age difference between the two, my son could be considered my past. but i think offspring are our future.

3. my wife. she opens my eyes in more ways than one. the opportunities she has provided are to numerous to mention.

4. my country. do i really need to explain?

5. family. this not only includes my natural family but also those who were chosen who are not blood!

6. technology. ok, maybe i really mean the internet here & for the same reasons that Nani stated. but there are some pretty cool toys out there that go with the internet. the ipod, digital cameras, & digital scrap pages come to mind. i'm also a big fan of the satellite radio, which i now can listen to while mowing the lawn and sometime in the coming month, blowing snow.

7. (i know i said 6, but this one is for brownie points!) Nani !! i'd be lying if i said that you don't inspire me!!

seamhead gypsy