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Monday, November 10, 2008

Like Netflix for BOOKS!

Book Swim works like Netflix does, but for BOOKS!

What a great deal! If you are a book lover, this is such an awesome idea. They have plans that start at 3 books at a time and go up to 11 at a time. Yes - at a time. You get 3 books in the mail, read two and send them back while you read the third and they send 2 more before you’re done with number three!

The have a huge selection of titles to chose from, including mystery and suspense, my favorite casual reads! The last book I bought at the store was an $8.00 paperback and I wasn’t impressed with the book! No one’s chomping at the bit to swap me that one for another book! With Book Swim, I’d have long forgotten it, having replaced it with a better book!

The three at a time selection is under $20 a month. At that store price, when you start book number 3, you’re reading for free! Think about the reading for free concept. To go to the library you either sit very quietly to read, and I know most people prefer some sort of background noise, or you check out the book and have to bring it back. That’s 2 trips worth of gas in your car for the book! To read for free at the big book palaces, it’ll still cost you a $4.00 cappuccino to sit a read “for free” and they really would rather you buy the book!

Book Swim also offers gift certificates. What a great gift idea, a fountain of books! Plus, during the holidays if you purchase gifts at Book Swim, you get gifts for you too! Buy a $100 gift certificate for that book worm on your holiday gift list, and get a $20 gift certificate for YOU! On the 3 at a time plan, your $100 gift is 6 months of unlimited books, and for being such a kind giver, you get a free month too!

When we were kids, Mom used to always buy a “share present” every year. Book Swim has children’s books too! What a great idea THAT is! Buy a couple of the $100 gift certificates, one for each stocking if you have two kids, and they share a year of books! They’ll learn the responsibility of sending back the ones they’ve read and anticipate the arrival of new ones addressed to them in the mail for a year too!

Also, in honor of your gift, Book Swim will plant a tree for every gift gift sold. Your tree will help to balance out book production through their partnership with Eco-Libris.

It’s definitely worth taking a look at all of the packages that Book Swim has to offer! And consider that Gift certificate for holiday gift-giving this year. It’s a gift that gives over and over, gives back and even gives to you!

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