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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday Night In Toledo, Ohio

Gratuitous cute cats

How did that old song go? Something about “Saturday night in Toledo, Ohio is like Saturday nowhere at all.”

I do NOT feel that way about my town. Actually, David and I were just talking the other day about that. I really do like Toledo. We have better community services than many of the big cities, a good art museum, a reopening science center because the will of the taxpayers said it IS important, good public transportation, a AAA baseball team and coming next year a renewed hockey team! If it’s something too big for a small city, Detroit is only an hour away. I hear and read the local pundits for both political sides absolutely stretch to find something to complain about on the other side. We’re safe enough that when serious crimes happen, they’re HUGE news.

It’s not perfect, but a small city is wonderful! We have most of the conveniences of a big city with a lot less traffic, the shopping and restaurants of the suburbs very close and a picnic in the country a short drive away. There are pristine blankets of untouched snow for a few days by which to photograph the abundant trains, but a road commission that clears the the roads within a day after a bad ice storm.

But this particular Saturday night in Toledo, Ohio, my honey is making up some of the income I’m NOT bringing into our home with an overtime shift. Games Night is happening in Michigan and the condition of my glasses right now says I’m not night driving any distance! That makes me a little blue. That’s two months in a row I’m missing it and until last month I’d never missed one. David tries to cheer me up by reminding me that last time I was at a smoking games night I was sick for almost a week, but well, being with my friends is worth sucking down Benadryl for a few days every now and then.

So, what does an optimist do on a lonely night? KUNG PAO CHICKEN!

I haven’t had Chinese in so long! David doesn't do Chinese and I haven’t been out with my Chinese enjoying pals in a long time, so tonight, I pulled out $6.25 to splurge. If you read my post in last year’s archives blog about take out in Ohio, or if you are an Ohioan or fellow Ohiogander, you know that there is no sales tax for take out. Thinking back, the photo may have been of Kung Pao chicken too!

When I left Novi, Michigan, the one thing I thought I’d never be able to replace was the no MSG Chinese take out place that was just over a two-mile drive from home. As I’ve already said, I love this city! China Palace, in Toledo, is a phenomenal no MSG take out in the Southland Shopping Center...just over ONE mile from home! The $6.25 was a dinner of Kung Pao chicken, fried rice and an egg roll. That was at 5:30 and I’m still stuffed at 9!

And my fortune cookie said nice things about friends. :)

I just finished up the dishes from lunch, yeah a bit of a slacker today, and spent another 5 minutes on my recumbent bike while my daily tonic cooled. Just a break before I set about designing the picture part of our Christmas Cards this year so we can get them ordered and back before the first of the month.

Oh! The tonic! hehe... I read a post in the SAS forums about some homeopathic tips, namely honey and cinnamon! These are ancient remedies and yanno, I always try a natural way to fix things before I resort to drugs at all. I was feeling like the prelude to a stomach flu all day the day I’d read it and tried the honey and cinnamon as a remedy for digestive problems. By half way through the tea I’d made with a tablespoon of honey and a liberal sprinkling of cinnamon. I felt better. I’ve been drinking a cup of the good-tasting brew a day since then and I’ve felt more energetic, my knee has even felt a bit better. Now, that could be a combination of the recumbent bike and my subconscious using the tea as a crutch, but heck, it tastes good and a tablespoon of honey is only 60 calories. It’s a good crutch, even if that’s all it is!

Read about the powers of honey and cinnamon in the SAS forums here.

Okay, now on to scrapping that Christmas card!


seamhead gypsy said...

Heh! I was lucky enough to sit in front of the idiot box (tv) all day watching football! first it was osu/michigan, then bc/wake forest, and now uc/pit.

why lucky? because our 4 year old was a very good little girl today and occupied herself nearby without interrupting daddy (well not so much anyway) until mommy came home from work.

and while i wasn't in toledo doing all of this and didn't have kung pao chicken, i did have the sweet & sour pork combo!! :-)

and all 3 teams that i wanted to win, did so. that also means that my BC flag flies out front of my house until noon on Sunday when it's replaced with my Packers flag!

Kristine said...

Hi Nani!

Had a lovely weekend myself. Hubby was working day shift , my daughter was at her grandparents so I had a chance to nap with the cats...Cats know when I need a nap and are happy when I heed them!! LOL

Dawn said...

Hey! A fellow Toledoan!! Actually, I am in Perrysburg :-) Nice to know there is another digi scrapper nearby!!