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Friday, November 28, 2008

Heroes At Home

art credits - "Letters From Home" by Digitalegacies Designs

I’d like to share something you can do for Christmas that is for you. It’s for me too and for your neighbors. It’s something you can do for all of us and specifically for the families of our men and women who serve our country and keep us all safe.

Can you spare just a little of your holiday budget? Sears Heroes at Home Wish Registry allows us all to make whatever donation we care to, whatever we can afford, to this wonderful program.

30,583 military families are registered in the Sears Heroes at Home program. These are families making sacrifices this holiday season with members in the military, many who will not even see spouses or children for Christmas, on any day during Hanukkah, or at no time during Kwanzaa, husbands and wives who will not kiss at midnight to welcome 2009. They are families in the USA, struggling like many of us are right now, but they are doing it with a family member deployed in a foreign land and existing on military pay.

You know, it doesn’t matter what your personal opinion is of the war that’s being fought. It doesn’t even matter why they enlisted or what fight they thought they’d be fighting when they did. What matters is the men and women of our military accept their duties without rampant distention. Setting personal opinions for or against aside, they unify, protecting themselves, each other and us with teamwork and perseverance. No matter where our military men and women are, they represent American unity and strength everywhere and we are all safer for their work.

Click the link to the Sears Heroes at Home Gift Registry and read some of the wish lists from our military families. Read about the soldier from Texas who was deployed six days after his daughter was born and won’t be home for her first Christmas. His wife is raising their three kids, working and going to college without him at home. He’d love to see them have some help to buy clothes.

A military couple from South Carolina, just married in 2007, are spending their first deployment of birthdays and holidays apart. They want to be able to afford a washing machine.

A soldier from Mississippi will be with his wife for the first holiday season in a few years after his third deployment. They have a new home at his new duty station and they want to furnish it and get a few things for the kitchen where they will actually get to share their mutual love of cooking this year.

There are over 30,000 glimpses into the lives of the heroes your donation will help. You don’t donate to just one family. You donate to them all. Whatever you can share, nothing is too small, gets added to the pool and Sears will divide the total, our total gift, into gift cards for all of the families on the registry.

This is a sponsored post, but technically it’s not. I donated my compensation for it to the Sears Heroes at Home Gift Registry. Won’t you join me in thanking our heroes this holiday season?


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