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Friday, November 14, 2008

Saturday is the New Black Friday

Sears is having a Big One Day sale tomorrow, Saturday, November 15! The deals are amazing! It’s like early Black Friday without as much mall traffic!

If you get there between 7:00 am and Noon, they have Low Price Doorbusters that are the lowest prices they’ve had this year! Really good stuff!!

One that was exceptionally impressive to me, The Sylvania 32” class LCD HDTV. Remember, the plight of a family listening to the World Series on a TV with a blown picture tube? So of course, this is going to get my attention. 32” is almost a three foot screen and we’d be replacing an HDTV, so we’d want that. But the best part? The doorbuster price is $429.99, that’s less than the standard estimate to come in and replace a tube in an older big screen TV! And the Sylvania model is streamlined so it won’t take up the space of half a couch and can easily be moved. Do you have a TV that’s getting up there in technology years? Just a couple years ago a thin LCD TV was priced right out of most homes, now, add the $120 off during the doorbuster hours and I bet you could find space for it!

Okay, after suggesting that it was early Black Friday, I ought to mention something else I found, not a selfish thought like the TV I want, but a fantastic gift idea!

The Nextar 7” Digital Photo Frame. The value of this as a gift is a near steal at $49.99, but knock an extra $10 off if you are an early bird! My family decided that a digital frame would be a great gift for Grandma last year. What do you give the woman who buys whatever she wants and buys whatever you want if you let her too? A digital photo frame, it’s ideal!

I am the family historian of my generation, so once the frame was bought, it was up to me to collect pictures from everyone. I had digital pics, old photos I scanned, where else can you use both the old and new photos in a frame and have equal quality? You can put a 1 GB SD memory card in it, same kind of card you use in a digital camera. I know we used a card half that size and had over 60 pictures in Grandma’s frame. She was just mesmerized when she turned it on. There was a picture of my grandfather on their wedding day and the same picture of my nieces that she sent out in her Christmas cards. It was like a digital family history!

She has the frame in her living room and will just sit and watch it for a while like it’s a fireplace or a really great TV show. You can’t get that kind of reaction to an old school photo frame almost a year after you give it!

Do you have a Grandma that always says “I don’t need nothin’” when you ask what she wants for the holidays? The perfect gift is waiting and if you get there early enough, you’ll save that $10 dollars that she insists “doesn’t grow on trees!”

Get to bed early tonight and get out to Sears during the doorbuster hours tomorrow for the best prices without the stress that you’ll see this November!


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