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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Going Green

For the record, as I sip my ecocoffee with pumpkin spice creamer, We have reached the point where we are putting out the gray garbage bin with the landfill bound stuff every other week, with the recycling bin and the recycling bin typically is closer to full! Yay us!

Has anyone else joined me in making an effort to turn off the water when brushing? I’m up to it being less than once a week that I forget!

If you don’t think that it’s wasting that much water, there is a simple example that shows just how much unused water is running down the drain while the brush is in your mouth.

Next time you brush your teeth, put the toothpaste on your brush and stop the drain. Now turn the water on and brush. When you’re done brushing, look at the water in the sink. Now think about the number of times a day you brush your teeth. What about a week, a month, a year? You could start a large tropical fish aquarium with the wasted water in a month! (Show the kids this!)

Ready to turn off the water when brushing now?

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

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seamhead gypsy said...

ok, maybe i don't turn the water completely off, but i have been turning it way down to almost a trickle. however.......i don't do it because i'm going "green" (do i sound sceptical about this green thing?) but i do it because it costs money to use water. when the faucet is running you are actually pouring money down the drain!! my wife drives me crazy in the morning when she turns the shower on to let it warm up and then gets on the phone.......i don't mind the warming up bit, but c'mon, 20 minutes or more?

this summer i lost a portion of my lawn to the sun's heat because i was ah, "too frugal" to water it. so of course now i have to spend more money and time to get it "green" again next spring......i do admit that in general we could do more to conserve our resources, and i do recycle our papers, plastics, & cans plus in doing so i help out our local boy scout troop in the process.

So GOOD ON YOU NANI for not using or at least cutting back on your h2o usage while keeping the pearly whites, white!!!!!