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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Busy Week So Far

Word association - the first thing you thought of was “diet,” right?

Happy Tuesday!

Yes that’s me trying really hard to make the best of the snow that I can see out the window. We got a liberal dusting last night and most of it has stayed there all day! I know, I know, it’s that time of year. But remember, although I was born in Michigan, I’ve wanted to move south since I was about 16. Then I fell in love with a man who hates the heat and will no way even consider the South as someplace to even retire to. So, I’m stuck with the cold and ice. bleh! Quote the J. Geils Band, “Love Stinks!”

The clickable Google ads have finally adjusted to the Chronicles of Nani! I know this because rather than looking at them and going, “huh?” I am now having to remind myself that I cant click them! That’s part of the Google agreement I have for having their ads in my right column, I can’t click them. But hey, if any of you do, feel free to email me a link if it’s something good! I know there are blogs I visit that have Google ads too, so I’ve been making a point of checking their ads so I can click on the ones that are here too that make me curious! At any rate, me being tempted to click, means the ads really do match the content at The Chronicles of Nani, so you might find something interesting in them! Now, I just need to figure out how to fix the Davlicious ads. In the midst of all that yummy stuff, the ads are for diets! LOL Well, SOME of the Davlicious Recipes are healthy! (Just notsomuch the most recent and therefore front page ones!

On the blog and sponsoring front, I haven’t heard any negative feedback from my readers about the paid posts. I’m glad. I enjoy doing them and come the first of the month, pay day, I’ll be getting that cartridge of magenta ink that will put my printer back on line! YAY! I can’t tell you how good that feels, not to have to borrow for little things. I am getting by on odd jobs and the ad stuff here. The nice thing about that is it really takes neither from my job seeking time during the day or my hobby time, which includes Digitalegacies Designs, at night. If you are even a part time reader here, you know how much I love advertising and I really do like being able to do some promoting without suffering the quality of the blog! I encourage you to click if you see something that interests you in either the sponsored posts or the Google ads! A click is not an obligation, it’s simply a place for more information, but don’t click it for me, click it for you! As is true with any ad, in the long run, advertisers want you to buy, but when you first see an ad, the point is to let you know the product or service is there.

Tip Cup?

Don’t panic! A tip cup is often seen on the counter of fine coffee shops, the big difference here is that a tip is neither expected nor required! A couple of people have asked about a PayPal donation button since I do so many scrap kits for free. Remember, I pulled out of the designer contest I was in, so I really don’t know if I have what it takes to sell my kits, but I’ve seen other amateur designers use the donate button too. If you’d like to drop a little something in the tip cup, please go ahead, however much you’d like to give. I will let you know however, PayPal will keep the first 30 cents, so it’d be nice to at least leave a couple quarters, but tipping is absolutely not a “price of admission” here. I love the company of your comments, and the hit meter that says another customer made this site their stop for some cyber-coffee! Whether you stay for a while or get it to go, I hope it was a roast you liked! If you do leave a tip, it’s much appreciated! If you don’t, I still welcome you to come back often!

Still Searching...

We’ve been taking boxes out of my storage looking for things. To start with, my Freeway Fritz mug was not one of the ones I have out, so we had to bring the other boxes of mugs out to find it. Ya know, I have a lot of mugs. When I said that this morning, David said sarcastically, “Ya think?”

He’s always saying I have 300 mugs and I tell him he’s exaggerating, it’s more like 150, but I keep opening boxes and finding more mugs. We took three boxes labeled “mugs” out yesterday. Fritz was in the third box I opened. Now, I’m going to inventory all three boxes before we take them back, so I’ll know which mug is where if I need to find another stored one.

We’ve also been looking for my toaster oven! We've been living toaster oven free since the torchtillas incident. A few weeks ago, we took the toaster oven box out of storage and it didn’t have a toaster oven in it. I think it was the box from Mom and Dad’s toaster oven that I used to pack stuff for storage. Guess what it had in it? More mugs!

Actually, the Galveston mug was one of the mugs in that box. It also has cracker tray for serving crackers with soup, some bag clips and potato peelers. I kept the peelers out since the one we have is almost shot.

When we picked up the mug boxes, looking for Freeway Fritz, we took two of the larger other boxes, hoping the toaster oven was in one of them. Alas, no. I found my cast iron corn shaped corn bread pan! I also found my small roaster, acrylic cookbook stand and stock pot! I washed those and put them away. Really, how much broth you can get from a chicken depends on the size of pot! I can get a lot more soup for the dollar with a bigger pot and letting it cook a bit longer. Same taste, but more!

I also found the coffee maker that I chose as one of my bonus gifts from Omnicom. We all had accounts that we got credits put in when we reached companywide sales goals. It was considered that when sales were up, it was part from the whole team effort, so everyone got gift points. With mine, I got an electric can opener, the coffee pot and the toaster oven/broiler. I kinda feel like if we found the coffee pot, we must be getting warmer!

The carafe on my bean-grinding coffee maker broke a few months ago and we've been using a small pot with a knife to hold the filter basket open so the coffee would go through. This morning was amazing. I made coffee and didn’t have to shimmy anything into place! This maker also has a timer, so I can set it to have the coffee already done when I come downstairs in the morning! I guess for ground coffee or cinnamon, I’ll have to use the grinder in my buffet cabinet now.

This week, I’ll record the contents of the boxes and tape them back up with good labels. Then, it’s back to storage and the search for the toaster oven continues! But I have found some nice things for the kitchen. It’s like early Christmas!

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