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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Why Do The Guilty Walk Away?

I was shocked. Then I hurt for the people left behind. Then I wanted to know how and why. Then I was angry.

Getting old doesn’t suck. It never will. I’ve always said it’s NOT getting old that sucks. Three people, including Angels’ top prospect and rookie pitcher, Nick Adenhart were killed early this morning and another passenger in the same car is in critical condition. Adenhart was 22 years old.

The drunk who murdered three walked, no, ran, from the crash to try to save his worthless behind.

Andrew Thomas Gallo drove drunk. It wasn’t the first time. He was driving on a suspended license from a prior DUI. He was speeding. He ran a red light. He crashed the Mitsubishi Eclipse with enough force to crash it into a phone pole. Then he ran on foot from the scene. Three people are dead. One person is in critical condition. HE RAN AWAY.

I know this will up my cuss meter rating, but next to “Selfish Bastard” in the dictionary, you’ll see the mug shot of this worthless waste of air.

It starts with so selfish that you don’t care that getting behind the wheel of a car drunk is the same thing as loading a gun and aiming it into a crowd. It’s even more selfish when you do it again. Keep in mind that most DUI criminals, especially repeat offenders, have driven drunk many more times than they were caught. Oh yeah, he didn’t care that the state found him too irresponsible to drive at all either. Every time he drank and drove, it was unsuccessful attempted murder. Well, now he’s a success.

When he finally killed, all he knew was he was driving illegally and didn’t want to get more trouble, so he'd better hide! He likely didn’t even know he murdered three people. He shattered many more lives.

I am not a proponent of the death penalty, per se. I’d like to see him with a long sentence for the DUI, vehicular manslaughter, murder and fleeing the scene of an accident he is being charged with. And I’d like to know he’s sharing a cell with a hardened criminal who is an Angels fan, better yet, who has a 22 year old son or a 20 year old daughter in college like the deceased driver of the car. Put him in prison, force him to sober up and make him hate himself or at least make why he’s there is well enough known that he’s the only one there who doesn’t.

:::deep breath:::

Remember that I write to calm myself, to get things off my chest, to look for answers. There is no answer for this. It’s sad and so painful in an empathetic way. Why do people who don’t care about themselves take it out on other people? What makes a repeat DUI felon do it again? Why do the murderers with a bottle and wheels shatter lives without getting a scratch?

The story on mlb.com starts with a wrenching image of the groundskeeper smoothing the mound at Angels Stadium where only hours before his death Adenhart pitched 6 scoreless innings last night. There will be no game tonight. It will be played at a later date. Tonight, the Angels mourn.

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