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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Pearly Whites

Okay, they aren’t so pearly white...now. I am one of those odd people that gets geeky about dental appointments. I get my first full cleaning in too long next month and a consultation about the costs and procedures to restore what many have said is my best physical trait to its former dazzling best. I’m getting a smile-lift! hehe

Financial hard times kept me from being able to get to the dentist as much as I needed, but the truth is my devotion to having and using the best dental products I could afford was key in my still only needing the standard two times a year cleaning while we restore my smile!

I’ve been thinking about the products I use and what I might change to do an even better job. There are oral irrigators , water picks to either replace or enhance what I do flossing. I could consider the many models of electric toothbrushes, but they’d have to be nice clean colors. My hubby laughed at me after my first consultation with my new dentist for my X-rays because I asked him to trade me the new toothbrush he had in our bathroom cabinet. His was purple. Mine was brown. Brown? Who’d make a brown toothbrush? What an awful color for a toothbrush!

Yeah, David said I was overreacting too, but he agreed there were better colors for toothbrushes than brown! I’m going to get them whitened, so I just don’t want brown to be near them unless it’s coffee or chocolate!

No matter what color, make sure you do brush at least two or three times a day and floss every day too. Give yourself a bright smile, clean breath and happy teeth!

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