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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Monday Mug Shot on Tuesday!

Hale, Michigan

Originally this was supposed to be the same post, but a different mug! I want to give a “shout out” to Savin Lake Services. I have a new mug that I got from the owner’s wife for free Sunday morning. David got me a photo of it on the bumper of the company truck and I was going to shot a detail photo for the mug shot too. But, the fate of gathering things at Grandma’s on the way out left behind my cheese from Pinconning and the new mug. The mug I’ll get next time either I go up there or she comes for a visit, but I hope she enjoys that succulent block of super sharp Pinconning. :::sigh:::

Many of you reading this may not have gotten past the question, “Where in the hale is Hale??” Remember in an earlier Mug Shot I told you where Hell Michigan is! Hale, hmmm... Okay. Make the shape of the lower peninsula of Michigan with your right hand. Hale is half way between the base of your index finger and the first knuckle, about half the width of your finger in. That’s where my Grandma lives! It’s also where my cheese is. Given that I am on the right side of the wrist, it’s a bit of a trip JUST to get my cheese!

But it isn’t too much of a trip for Easter weekend!

David and I took off Saturday morning bound for Hale. Unlike last year, there was no snow. YAY!! We did have to make a stop on the way to Grandma’s. Being of hetero orientation, I love my husband part because he’s a guy and part even though he’s a guy! I had packed the candy gift I got him and the candy bags I made for Grandma, Pop and Aunt Judy from us. We had to stop so he could find a chocolate bunny!

In his defense, and I don’t mean to sound like an abuse victim making excuses for my potential chocolate deprivation on Easter, he had gone out to find a bunny earlier in the week. But the store he went to had only hollow, cheap or marshmallow chocolate bunnies and he wasn’t about to devalue his feelings for me with icky marshmallow or just as bad, Palmer chocolate. So he didn’t buy any at that time.

The first stop was Meijer in Bay City. It was supposed to be the only stop. But the selection of Easter candy on the day before Easter there was pretty picked over. There was one boxed set of rabbits, decent chocolate although hollow and one of the pair had a hole in it’s base that made it fall over. I told him that would be okay, better than no bunny at all! I felt bad for him at this point because I know he wanted to walk in and find the perfect bunny, maybe even on day-before-Easter sale. So we left Meijer, David carrying his pair of boxed bunnies and a package of fillable plastic baseballs that he found. We were going to need to make another stop because he wanted jelly beans to fill the baseballs. Okay, actually I suggested that they needed something like jelly beans in them, but he agreed after thinking for only a second or two.

We took M-13 to rejoin US-23 later en route to Grandma’s. If you’ve realized that the lines in your hands don’t actually represent any roads and you’ve pulled up a map of Michigan on Map Quest, you have a good idea of what part of your right hand we’re on now. As we drove through Pinconning, David asked if I wanted to stop to take picture of the giant mouse at Wilson's Cheese shop. I never pass up an opportunity to see the mouse! Wilson's has been a regular stop when traveling in Michigan since I was a child

I got my several angles of the giant mouse and went into the store to buy some honey sticks. I love the sour cherry honey sticks! When I was there I also found a Detroit TIgers Pez dispenser with lemon Pez (and a couple of other flavors) and bought about a half-pound brick of super sharp Pinconning cheese. That’s the cheese I left at Grandma’s. I hemmed and hawed with the cheese too since Pop and Aunt Judy got in Friday night and it’s a cheese that Pop and I really enjoy together! It turned out that he’d bought Havarti for me, so it was a good call to get the super sharp. It just turned out to be a bad call not to open it at lunch and share some with Pop!

David made one last stop in Standish to get jelly beans for the baseballs.

We got to Grandma’s earlier that she expected us but not so early that we had to make any “driving like a maniac” excuses! After we said all our hellos and sat down in the living room, I was the one whop broke and said I wanted to play Easter Bunny now instead of waiting until Sunday.

I gave Grandma, Aunt Judy and Pop their Yellow cloth Easter candy bags. They were pleasantly surprised with the goodies! Then I gave David the decorated egg carton that was his treat box. He got four filled eggs, two laid-by-the-Cadbury-bunny eggs, a caramel and a chocolate fudge, two regular flat filled eggs in raspberry and maple and four Ferrero Rochers with cadbury mini eggs sprinkled liberally in the carton on a bed of lime-flavored edible Easter grass. I thought the grass tasted okay, but David didn’t like it and even my canine half-sister, Sasha didn’t like it. But color meaning nothing, it was still greener grass than the plastic stuff! He presented me, not with the pair hollow bunnies with the hole in one, but a Lindt Dark Chocolate Bunny! He found me a very good MUFA Bunny in Standish when he got the jelly beans! It tells me I’m a lucky woman. The best quality seeks it’s own level and GOOD chocolate gravitates to my husband!!

Then we had sandwiches for lunch, which is when I found out about the Havarti and when I showed Pop the Super Sharp Pinconning. That was the last time I saw the Super Sharp.

I had a couple of electronics jobs to do to earn my supper. There were a few little tweaks that needed done on a few things where Grandma had hit the wrong button! So, I pulled out one of the back-up launcher menus I hid in her hard drive and that took care of restoring her icons on her computer. The TV was a little rougher.

She’d lost half the channels. I knew that meant she’d hit the menu that changes from TV to cable. The challenge there was that she’d also hit the language button! The menu can read in English, French or Spanish. I can read two of them, so of course, the menus were all in Spanish! My Spanish is muy asi-asi! After going through all the main menus and seeing nothing that even remotely said “mode” to me, I had to go through every menu choice I didn’t understand one at a time to find the right choices. I finally hit a choice that flipped to a screen that said TV-Cable. YAY! I got the rest of the cable channels back and went to find the different menu that offered the language choices. Her TV has all of its cable channels and the menus are in English again! LOL

Oh, if you don’t read Spanish and you ever have to muddle through a TV menu looking for the mode switch, it’s “idioma.”

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