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Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Little Pre-Easter This and That

I love THIS!!

But seriously, who eats the tail first?? The rest of the bunny will fall!

You gonna see THAT?

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A new old Star Trek. How Captain Kirk became Captain Kirk, meeting Bones, Spock’s decision to leave Vulcan. I think it looks interesting. Going to talk to the Mr. about it. :)

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I can’t believe THIS!

I made Middle Eastern dinner for both of us, David too! I made chicken shwarma on hummus, which I figured was the only way he’d try hummus. He said he liked it as a sauce for chicken! He like the seasoned rice too but he wasn’t crazy about he green beans with tomato sauce. I make a modified eggplant preparation with zucchini that I’ll try next. Or maybe he'll try one of the great Lebanese restaurants we have in Toledo!!

I’m glad THAT

There’s no snow in the forecast this weekend! Regular Easter...but I think I’ll kinda miss Frosty Cottontail!

Everyone who is celebrating it this weekend,
Have a Happy Easter!
But do eat the ears on your bunny first!

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