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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Let's Talk About Sex

No, it’s not a questionable new scrapbook kit by the woman who names all her kits after songs. This is more shocking. It’s the real deal, a sex blog, one worth investigating if you have adolescents in your world or if there are simply questions you have yourself.

Teens and young adults all have questions and some dubious information about sex. What things did you think when you were young and later found out were totally wrong? The classic “you can’t get pregnant the first time” was common “knowledge” with the kids when I was a high school freshman. Later it was if he stops at a certain time you’re safe. Of course, you couldn’t get an STD from oral sex when I was in high school and only homosexuals got AIDS in my early 20s. I'm lucky I made it out of the young and stupid years alive!

My Mom was willing to talk to me about anything when I was a teen and I talked to her about almost everything, but I did NOT talk to her about sex until I was around 25. Even then, it was always in the third person!

I found Sex Health Guru online. What a great site! Word of warning, this is NOT a pro-abstinence site. But it’s not a porn site either, which is way too often where the younger folks get their extended sex-ed nowadays!

Sex Health Guru had parts of the site devoted to contraception, STD prevention (and those are SEPARATE headings!) and no nonsense information about sex decisions and even making sex more pleasurable for us married and otherwise committed couples. I found that most of the videos for those areas are for mature audiences and you have to register to see them. The first time and sex health topics are open. It doesn’t say do or don’t to anything addressed, it just tells you about it. Yanno, if the truth about responsible sex makes just one teen decide that they are ready to wait, the site’s worth it’s bandwidth in gold.

Mom gave me a great book with just the facts about recreational drugs when I was a teen. She didn’t want to say “just don’t do it” because I was a bit of a rebel and kids will always wonder “why” long after they quit asking “why” every ten seconds! As it turned out, I really wasn’t that interested in drugs in school, because I knew all my “whys” from that book. If I was a teen now, I'm sure Mom would send me this link too!

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