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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Nani News Briefs

Believe it or not, our top story tonight on this holiday eve is not about the holiday! There is MAJOR cat news! Kaline scratched on the post!!! YAY KALINE!!!

It was catnip induced to begin with. She was playing with her sock-puppet, a pair of old tights triple-lining dried wild catnip, but she squiggled over and was playing with her sock puppet around the base of the post. Her claws got into it by accident and she liked it! Now when I come downstairs, she runs to the post instead of the love seat to claw her hello!

Now onto the holiday scoop!

My adopted rookie from last year, Joey Votto, is scheduled to start the 2009 season tomorrow in the number 3 spot in the lineup for Cincinnati! My prediction, honest prediction, the Reds will make it to the playoffs this year. The chemistry was already starting to make things sizzle at the end of last year!

I’m going to make an effort to get any work that’s getting dine early tomorrow so I can celebrate the holiday! It’s OPENING DAY!!!!

In the first ESPN party of the the year tonight, Atlanta is doing a bit of showing the World Champion Phillies that this is a new season! The home run fest in the first two innings included Jordan Schafer’s fist Major League at-bat and his first Major League home run! He’s only the fourth player in Braves history to do that!

Weather Report -

It’s raining. I mean, it’s really raining and that rain is scheduled to turn into an inch or two of wet snow tomorrow. I’m not at all happy about that! But, it’s supposed to be getting warmer again by the end of the week.

More important, in Cincinnati tomorrow, there’s a 60% chance of rain. As I recall, last year’s game started very late for a rain delay too! They lost it to Arizona, but they weren’t destined to make the playoffs last year either. Tomorrow will be a different outcome against the victims from New York!!

Okay, back to the party now! Happy Opening Day Eve everyone!

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Nani said...

Update to the news - The Braves won the pre-Opening Day party!! YAY BRAVES!