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Monday, April 27, 2009

Everybody Loves A Good Geek!

If you’re considering taking your web presence to the next level, there’s a site you should consider when making the decision on where and how you want to establish your domain and web hosting preferences.

Who doesn’t love a geek in this day? Geeks have finally arrived to the cool center of the social world and Web Hosting Geeks is a great site for making their world of uber-cool available to everyone!

Seriously, Web Hosting Geeks gives you the cream of the crop in affordable web hosting sites. They give you the top web hosts, pricing, details and bonus features. Everything is broken down into different categories depending on your hosting needs and the top ones are highlighted side by side your your perusal.

You can look specifically at multiple domain web hosting, places that host multiple sites on one account. Many have free domain names with the plan or unlimited domains in one single plan. If I break down my blog topics into separate sites, I could have one for baseball, one for scrapbooking and one for Mug Shots. Hey I already have a separate blog for recipes. It’s only a matter of time, huh? Think about it. If you do multiple crafts for sale, you can have separate sites for each, but one account. It’s pretty cool stuff.

Another category that I just love is Green Web Hosting! I can compare web hosting sites that run on alternative or renewable energy, plant trees and actively recycle. I’d feel pretty good checking those stats while I sip my morning ecocoffee that I make with rescued tap water!

If you’re getting ready to branch out to a hosted website, you must check out Web Hosting Geeks first!!

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