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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Be One With The Manta

I love going to aquariums and places like Sea World. Fish are cool and big fish, even cooler! Sea World is that perfect combination of aquarium and theme park and this year, next month, there is a new fishy-ride in town!

Manta is the new attraction at Sea World Orlando. After walking through the tropical aquarium area, floor to ceiling seeing amazing fish, you turn the corner to where the ride i. You hear and feel the whoosh of air and no doubt screaming riders as it gets close to your turn. What a great concept, while you’re standing line, you are surrounded by the aquarium. You ride on a rail strapped to the belly of a steel manta!

But you can circumvent the lines too! If you go to the Manta homepage, there are six activities you can register and do. There is a mantis a quiz to test your manta knowledge. You can download a manta mask and decorate it. Take a picture and upload it to Flickr! You can also upload a picture of yourself holding an “I heart manta” sign to Flickr “Fill Your Row” means that you send friends a referral with your code and ask them to enter it when they visit You can tweet Real Shamu on Twitter and you can post a video telling why the ride is exciting for you on YouTube.

Okay, that sounds like hyping the new ride, what’s in it for you? Well, sign up and do two things and you get a photo of the ride, but do all six and they put you in the front of the line! 5,000 people will win the front of the line prize! That’s good payment for a little easy and fun promotion!

It looks like such a totally cool ride, as if Sea World wasn’t high enough on the coolness scale! If you’re making plans to be in the Orlando area this year, or if you are now, you gotta check out the Manta Experience! There’s plenty of time to do all six projects to get your front of the line pass before opening day, May 22, 2009!


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