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Monday, April 20, 2009

Football Skills Not Mandatory

Have you ever head of the game, Cornhole? I think I remember my brother mentioning it, but never really got into finding out more. Now I saw a site that explains the game with pictures. I’m a very visual person.

Cornhole is like a cross between horseshoes and Skee Ball from my research. Only no metal parts. The game’s origins are a little foggy, but it became popular as a tailgate game before Cincinnati Bengals games and the growth as a backyard game spread out from there.

Like horseshoes or lawn darts, you’re throwing something at a target. In Cornhole, That target is a wooden platform with a hole in it and you throw corn hole bags into it, This is where I see the similarity to Skee Ball, throwing things into the hole, I LOVE skee ball, so this looks very appealing! Like horseshoes, lawn darts ot Italian bocce ball or Canadian curling, you get points for how close you come to the target (Except unlike bocce or curling, you don’t knock your opponents out).

It is just a fun for all ages type thing, family picnic fun. I even suggested to David that it might be a fun afternoon game for our reception weekend this summer. Oh yeah, there is an executive tabletop version too! You gotta check out this neat game!

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