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Monday, April 20, 2009

Sign of the Times

This is a mini rant.

That was breakfast. Mmm... One of those awesome discoveries as part of Wife 1500 is the wonderful variety of Special K cereals. My usual breakfast is a bowl of Special K with coffee and a banana. Oh I veer from that, sometimes having a fruit plate with yogurt or even substituting a bowl of David’s Froot Loops if my inner child wakes up hungry. Yesterday, breakfast was the main meal of the day. David made waffles! But the basic Wife 1500 breakfast really does taste good and is filling, a great way to start the day!

I just finished the box of Cinnamon Pecan Special K last week and was tempted to just stick with that, but there are other just as tempting varieties. I’ve decided that I’ll try a new flavor each time I buy a box until I’ve tried them all and then make educated decisions about my mood when I’m choosing after that. But boy, I sure did love that Cinnamon Pecan! This time I’m trying Vanilla Almond. It’s quite good and ten calories less a serving, but I still lean towards the Cinnamon Pecan. We’ll call it my favorite for now, but the Vanilla Almond is good too! A 3/4 cup serving with milk is 150 calories, 160 for the Cinnamon Pecan. Add a banana and a coffee with Coffeemate and Splenda and It’s under 300 for breakfast. Generally, I don't get hungry until lunch after that breakfast.

But the rant part is not about Special K. Special K is just about wife 1500 perfect! The rant is about los plátanos.

This was today’s breakfast banana.

Look at the sticker! It's good for my heart in Spanish too! It’s my first Spanish banana! I’m so totally not ranting about the sticker being in Spanish. It’s good marketing with the number of Spanish-speaking people in the USA, no ranting about that either this time through. I want to study Spanish anyway, so I guess banana stickers are a good educational resource.

But look again. The barcode. That barcode is a tab on the banana sticker! I mean, banana sticker, in Spanish, with a tab on it for the barcode! I think it kinda defaces the commercial icon that is the banana sticker! Not to mention that I am not a forehead sticker gal. I’ve always had bangs, even as a kid, so you’d never see the sticker if I put it on my forehead, so I've always been a nose-sticker person.

The bar code tab is a major distraction on my nose. It’s going to make me blind! Not to mention that the barcode on my nose just plain looks silly! Please, Chiquita, reconsider the practice of making bar codes part of the sticker! If you put the PLU on it, we can manage, even us dumb shoppers in the U-Scan line!

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