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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Getting Ready for Summer Travel

Summer is coming! Yeah, it’s rainy and chilly here today, but summer is near. AHHHH.....

But wait. I need some stuff done to my car to be ready. Last summer I had a clogged radiator that made it necessary to drive home from Angola with the heat on! And the trouble with that was while I cooled off the engine that way, I couldn‘t even give ME a moment of cooling relief because my air conditioner is broken.

I want to avoid that this year. I want working AC, but it’s so expensive to have it put in. Ah, but I have a big brother who plays with cars and I know about DiscountACParts.com! They have a huge selection of AC parts including if I wanted a Mitsubishi ac compressor BMW or Mercedes AC compressor or even an air conditioning compressor for a 1994 Chevrolet Camaro!

They don’t just have Auto AC Parts, there are other parts too. Heck, I could have Scotty build me a second car.... Okay, they don’t sell the fiberglass pats and such. But you can find just about any part you’d want to replace on just about any car for a fraction of the cost you’d spend in a shop and there’s no shipping charge for most orders!

Maybe you could consider air conditioning to be a luxury, but the heat can make you tired, cloud your judgment behind the wheel. I’ve wiped the sweat from my hairline trying not to make my mascara run going to a job interview before. I don’t want to do that again!

If you tinker with cars, or have a friend or relative who does, why not take advantage of another way to save money without cutting out the creature comforts that really can make a big difference?

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