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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Favorite Candy Holiday!

I found this bouquet online. Isn’t it SO Nani??

Easter is this weekend!! Hopefully this year it’s late enough that we’ll get to Grandma’s for Easter weekend instead of making a snow bunny in our front yard! Don’t get me wrong. Frosty Cottontail was very cool, but Easter weekend is getting to see Grandma and Saturday night dinner at the restaurant with the great view of Lake Huron.

David and I were talking this morning. I told him Easter was THE Candy Holiday. He actually corrected me! He said that was Halloween. Please! Halloween is great for abundant candy, but for the BEST candy? The filled eggs, jelly beans, those wonderful Hershey’s candy covered chocolate eggs and CHOCOLATE BUNNIES, the best holiday is Easter!

David and I exchange candy gifts for Easter. I’m not going to go into details about David’s gift yet because he reads The Chronicles of Nani! But I figure I’m getting a bunny because he’s been asking about bunny specs. Although, that candy bouquet pictured up top is not a bad choice either! Candy bouquets come in all shapes, sizes and varieties of candy, but a big basket of Mike and Ikes? If we’d had a wedding, I could have walked down the aisle carrying that!

The plan is that we’ll exchange out NOT diet gifts at Grandma’s on Sunday Morning. I’m thinking I should probably have some small gifts for Dad, Aunt Judy and Grandma from the Easter Bunny too. Grandma likes sugar free candy to keep her glucose meter happy, but she’s a chocolate purist, and she does like her chocolate! That’s where I get it and it didn’t skip a generation. Mom was a chocoholic too! Maybe for Grandma I’ll mix some good Easter chocolate with some of the Baskin Robbins sugar free hard candies. I got those for her one year for Christmas and she’s been hooked ever since!! For Dad, definitely some Peanut M&Ms. I gave him those in Easter grass one year when I was little and he loved them. It’s sort of a traditional make me a little princess again treat now!

:::Happy Sigh:::

Yeah, how can you look at all the yummy Easter options out there and say that Easter is anything but THE undisputed candy holiday??

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