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Tuesday, April 7, 2009



In this part of Ohio, we have Buckeye Cable and I love our cable TV service! Dad and I endured the agony of Direct TV for a year when Mom got mad at the cable company when she bought her HDTV and switched, she was the stubborn holdout and it took 2 months before she was apologizing like crazy for contracting us into the satellite TV nightmare for a year.

That was some 7 years ago. HDTV has been growing and it’s going to be the norm very soon, especially with the great deals cable TV offers! If you’re lucky enough to be in a Charter Cable service area, you have the opportunity to win an HDTV!

It’s true! Every day in April, Charter will award a 22” HDTV in their HDTV A Day Sweepstakes. They are also offering a grand prize of a 52” LCD flat screen HDTV, home theater system and a free year of Charter cable with HD programming. This great sweepstakes is available to all new AND upgrading customers. Have cable and want high speed internet? Upgrade and maybe win a new HDTV! Maybe you want better phone with unlimited local and long distance added to your Internet and TV. Upgrade and you’re entered in the sweepstakes too! Of course, if you are tired of that metal spaghetti bowl on the side of your house that goes on the fritz when it snows, offers only the national updates on the weather channel and just as much local as they absolutely have to, join charter for better TV and maybe even A better TV!

Go to Charter.com to start building the bundle that’s right for you. You’ll be entered into the sweepstakes, but you’ll also be giving yourself the best entertainment and communications package you can get for the money. “Times are tough.” Makes you think of another cliché, like beating a dead horse? But almost everyone has that glue factory in their backyard. Charter is doing what they can to ease that pain!

Charter is doing some very customer conscious work in reaction of some negative light that’s been shined on Cable TV Companies, but think about it. Where have you heard negative stories about your cable TV company? From the satellite competitors who aren’t even local! Cable TV wants you back, Charter wants you to stay! They are showing it with their customer friendly website, services and great promotions. Last year they added bonuses and fun to to the customer experience, giving away Xboxes, laptops, even hybrid cars!

Charter wants you! If you’re smart and frugal, you want Charter too!


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