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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


The Reds won last night, again! That’s 3 straight now. I won’t get bored with that at all! Monday night, I “watched” the game on the computer. That is I watched the pitch-by-pitch at mlb.com. We don’t live close enough to Cincinnati to get the backup channel for the Reds games when they get bumped for basketball. Humph. Basketball bumping baseball. You can SO tell I’m not the executive producer there! But last night’s game was on Fox Sports Ohio, so I got to watch the whole game. Happy Nani.

Nani’s Easter Bonnet:

This is the hat David bought me for Easter! You know we are traditional in our own way! Aunt Judy said it wasn’t Eastery enough, so I added the ears!

David has discovered that the bunny ears are poker-lucky for him. Thank goodness he plays online poker. If he ever makes it to TV....

David and I are starting to plan a small wedding reception for this summer. Just family and close friends, the people who complained that they didn’t have a party to go to because we eloped! It still ought to be nice. We’re trying to plan it around baseball and trains, so we couldn’t have had a a traditional wedding anyway. I had my watchman with me for two weddings because my brother’s first wedding and my cousin Lisa’s wedding were both during the playoffs. We’re looking at dinner AT a baseball game and a luncheon at high noon when the sun is poor for train photography. (We don’t need no stinking wedding planner, they’d probably get the timing wrong anyway!) Seriously, it’s the best of all worlds. I still don’t have to buy or wear a wedding dress, but I’ll have lots to scrap however mushy or not I want!

Gratuitous Train Photo:

Taken Easter Sunday on our way home from Grandma’s!

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