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Friday, April 17, 2009

Things I NEED To See

(Note - there are non-commercial links for more information in this post!)

I love giant art! I really think that’s where my water tower fascination comes from. I grew up marveling at “The Big Tire” on I-94 in metro Detroit and always loved seeing the giant Paul Bunion and Babe when we traveled in the upper peninsula. I was also always awestruck, still am, when I see the giant crucifix in Indian River, Michigan.

As an adult I’ve seen several Claes Oldenburg/Coosje van Bruggen sculptures and I really love those as well as the worlds largest baseball bat in Louisville, Kentucky and the baseball water tower at Knights Stadium in Charlotte North Carolina, well, the stadium is actually in Fort Mill South Carolina. There are many of these awesome landmarks I’ve seen, but so many more on my list!

I need to see several things in Minnesota.

I must see Claes Oldenburg’s Spoonbridge, a fountain sculpture in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.

I’m also getting information on the worlds largest ball of twine in Darwin, MN for our planned honeymoonish trip this summer.

What’s that in the background?? A giant ball of twine and a water tower too!!!

The worlds largest ear of corn in Rochester Minnesota IS a water tower!!

More Oldenburg in Kansas City Missouri , a giant Shuttlecock at the Kansas City museum of art!

Also in Missouri, an 8-Ball water tower in Tipton!

In Illinois, the world’s largest catsup bottle is a water tower!

Another water tower in Iowa!

And of course, there are the fruit water towers, the peach in Grafton SC and the watermelon in Luling TX!


Hawaii has lost a little now...

Even though I never knew about this water tower, it’s one of those things that just hits me hard. The pineapple water tower at the Dole cannery is gone! :(

There are other things “on my list” but these are some of the top ones.

Do you have any larger-than-life icons in your neck of the woods? I’d love to hear about them!

Find some other world’s largest stuff here: What’s Large Where in the US

Check out the store! You can get starter kits to make you own “world’s largest ball of something!” Yanno, with the short hair now, I wonder what the worlds largest ball of hair scrunchies is like.


mITSYBELLE said...

Great photos hun and I loved the article on you in the SAS Newsletter, very nicely done :)

Dawn said...

Hey!!! I have some pics of the shuttlecock! I was in Kansas City last year, and I am going again next month! We even posed with the Shuttlecock LOL
Here's a photo:

AneczkaW said...

I would like to see the largest coffee pot :-)

sdwrdt said...

I grew up in Iowa and now live in Rochester and NEVER HEARD of the corn cob tower until I moved here! Always catches me off-guard when I hear that people actually want to see it!