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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Welcome To April!

Man, is April starting off busy! It’s not a bad thing! It’s just a busy thing!

Well, yesterday was April Fools Day. The first thing that means in this home is HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAGGLE!!! Our boy is 13 years old. In human math, he is a teenager. He’s as old as Kaline acts! But in the cat world, he’s an honored senior cat! David came home at lunchtime yesterday, so we sang happy birthday to him and served the crab and salmon Market Selects cat birthday cake that you saw the kids eating in the late Photoblog yesterday.

For me, April 1 was also my debut on the DST bimonthly Blog Train. I was first off, a little thrown by the color palate. You know how I am with things that have brown in them. (I do have plans to get over that hump with a kit idea I’ve been playing with!) But I was very pleased with the way my portion turned out! It’s really not stand-out-too-much different than other designers’ contributions to the kit and it’s still something I’d use to scrap with. I’m going to venture out and download some of the other parts myself! That’s something I was bummed that I didn’t do last time I was on a train. I absolutely loved the kits in Christmas Around The World, but with a new store and you know, a new marriage, I just didn’t have time to get back before they were gone! By the way, if you click on the freebies link, you’ll find that you can still get my part of Christmas Around The World, just in case you got married at Christmastime too and didn’t get to download it! ;)

April one was also the first day of my 30-day paid membership at I Hire Marketing, the launch of a new kit in my store and PayPal accounting day. In the midst of all of the other things I was doing yesterday, I got a phone call about an unpaid graphics job. I couldn't say “no” to the graphics assignment because the person requesting it kinda lives with me!

Did anyone prank anyone for April Fools Day or get pranked? Little jokes and tricks are fun as long as they don’t hurt anyone or embarrass anyone too much. We got a letter in the mail, very official-looking, that came from the department of digital compliance, something like that, specifically the household appliances department. It seems that any appliances purchased before February...hmmm..., now that I think of it, I think it said February 29, 2009... would need digital converter boxes after March of 2010. It was signed “April Fuehl” and the contact number was the IRS help line! It was a VERY well-done spoof on the conversion to HDTV, but honestly, manufactured before the end of February this year? Eeeks! I need a converter box for my popcorn popper!!

The Graphics job David had for me was to create a “New logo” for CSX. The railroad companies have been promoting how much less fuel it takes to transport goods by rail instead of by truck. David wanted to play on that and play against the Norfolk Southern horse logo asking me to create this:

Of course, horses are afraid of snakes. right? He did a very professional press release and posted it with my artwork on Train Orders. No one fell for it, but it was very appreciated as a good April Fool laugh!

Tonight, I’m having dinner with Dad and my nieces. After dinner at Cracker Barrel, Tori and Rina are coming home with me! Yay Nieci time! Tomorrow will be a nice lunch and movie day. David is not working tomorrow, so it will be our first kidnap day with them as Aunt and Uncle! We’ll likely be playing Apples to Apples tomorrow night and that game is always a laughfest. The girls go back to Indy on Saturday for a birthday party to close their spring break. I’m just happy that we get them for a couple night this year!!

(David and all the non-scrappers, this post is a scrapping post from here!)


Yes, Laura is my sister-in-law, she’s also my new scrapbook kit!

The kit turned out so pretty! I based it on the colors from their wedding and well, you know you always name a wedding thing after the bride. Besides, there is a song named Laura. I don’t know of one called Dave and I always make my kits share a name with a song. Laura is in my store now! click the preview to go to the Scrap Bird store.

You can also find Crimson and Clover in my store now! That is the former blog bonus for showing me a layout you did with Digitalegacies Designs products. It’s time for a new bonus!

I started Laura to be the new bonus. I just got carried away. So, I decided that I’d do Laura as a smaller kit and create a larger add-on for the blog bonus this quarter. So here’s the new bonus!

If you want the Laura add-on, it’s free for showing me a layout you did with any of my products! This is the bonus for April - June. There will be a new one in July and the add-on will go into the shop, but for the next three months, the only way you can have this add-on to the fabulous Laura kit, is as the bonus!! Send me your layouts or links to chroniclesofnani@gmail.com

MORE Laura?

YES! Laura Favors is the challenge bonus at Scrap Bird for the I Wanna Talk About Me Challenge. This month, we’re scrapping your wedding! That is a layout with a picture of you from your wedding, a wedding you were in or a wedding you were at. I had a few comments from people who just didn’t have wedding photos of themselves, so I added that if you don’t have wedding pictures, a photo of you dressed up or just one where you think you just look GREAT! The key here is the scrap a photo where you are shining!

There are some great challenges this month and great bonuses too! I’m really looking forward to doing my layout for the Scrap It challenge with Mamrotka. Marzena’s kit for that is wonderful with bright blues, green and flower petals. Yeah, it’s very spring, very Nani too! Come play with us at Scrap Bird!!

Add It On For FREE in April

All of my kits that have add-ons are on a special sale this month, Add It On For FREE! That’s right, free add-ons with the purchase of the full kit! When you buy One Step at a Time, Homemade Love, Because Of You or Your Own Special Way in April, make sure you have the special coupon code to get the add-ion FREE!! Just put both the kit and the add-on in your cart and use the appropriate code when you check out. The price of the add-on will be removed. Now, if you don’t have any of these kits and want all four, I love you!!! But when you make your purchase, do it four times so you can use all four coupons! You have the whole month, so you can stretch out your scrapping budget too! I share a store with some very talented designers, so you may even find some other things to spend your Digitalegacies Designs saving on! There are also some great freebies from everyone to get a sample of the tastes at our bird feeder!!

Over the course of the month I’ll show you all of the sale kits. Right now, remember Your Own Special Way?

Romance is not only for special holidays! The soft candlelit tones are great for scrapping anniversaries, romantic occasions and that even more special because it’s not so frequent date-night with your spouse without the kids!

Buy Your Own Special Way at Scrap Bird for $5.00 and get the add-on kit for FREE!

Make sure you enter coupon code lknrj37hdn when you check out!

Add It On For FREE coupon codes for April:
One Step at a Time - kjad4365
Homemade Love - lknd856hn
Because Of You - dkrj25jdh
Your Own Special Way - lknrj37hdn

And one last scrapping note! You can win Laura for free at DST! Click this link and leave a reply. I’ll be selecting 3 responses at random to get the free kit on Wednesday!

Whew! I need more coffee now! LOL Enjoy all the fun stuff and I’ll check back in soon!

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Tracy said...

Wow you're a busy designer Nani!! Love your kits and I really really love that the whole time I was headed towards seeing the Laura kit, that song was playing away in the background, you clever chickie!!! I wouldn't have thought to do that. Wonderful job on the logo too, and glad you get to have some Auntie Uncle time with your nieces!!