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Friday, April 24, 2009

If Music Be The Song of Learning, Play On!

There is a studio here, locally, that offers Children's Music Lessons, lessons for kids and their parents that encourage children to earn through and with music. Now, you know as one who names all of my scrapbook kits after songs, that I had to look into the idea of music for learning a bit more!

The rhyming words, the rhythms, they are powerful and more powerful than a hard thrashing heavy metal song or an awe inspiring classical symphony. Think about it. What was one of the first songs you knew? In English and at least in America, it’s the ACB song. Yeah, I know it in English and French. My high school French teacher taught us the French alphabet that way. Over 25 years later I can still sing it and I can spell in French without even thinking the translation because of it.

I can only imagine that had there been Music Classes For Toddlers when I was little, I might have had an easier time with the state capitols in 4th grade! Now you can even enroll in a Baby Music Class with your baby to interact and learn to communicate better and understand each other through interaction with music. I can only imagine that’s a lot easier than trying to learn how to communicate with a teenager. I might even make it easier to do that later!

There are so many studies that support the notion that music and interaction at an early age can make children better learners and improves their lifelong aptitude for learning. I bet you can find the appropriate class in your area. If you have young kids, it’s definitely worth investigating!

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wow, this is not so easy to find. just want to say that i actually like both hats. And I don't usually wear hats. Thanks for the tip about Deer off. Will have to look it up. Have a grand day, hugs, Edna B.