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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

“That Was Random!”

A random shot of a couple of my favorite teens!

“That was random,” was the response to anything off topic or out of left field this past weekend with my nieces. I guess their Aunt has always been “random!” :D So, in tribute to my Sweeties spending a couple games nights and a movie day with us on Friday, here are ten random thoughts, especially for Tori and Rina!

1. I need something from the store that I put on the dry erase board, but now I can’t read what I wrote!

2. Rain beating hard at night is mysterious and powerful...and kinda sexy!

3. Entertaining kids gets more expensive as they get older, but they appreciate it more.

4. You should ALWAYS have a pair of backup glasses!! :(

5. Don’t talk trash unless you have a big enough bag to carry it out!

6. If you’re going over your calorie count for a day, make sure it’s for GREAT-tasting food! (Like La Scola Italian Grill in Toledo!)

7. The ears really are the best part of a chocolate bunny.

8. Almost every exit on the I-696 in Michigan between the mixing bowl and I-75 represents a significant place to me.

9. Kaline weighs ten times as much as she did when we found her not even four years ago. Makes me feel skinny. ;)

10. I have a health plan for my wedding ring, which means I take it in every 6 months for a checkup to make sure the stone is healthy. I wonder if they’ll shine the gold when I go in?

For some fun blog silliness, I invite everyone who reads this to post ten of their current random thoughts!

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