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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Take A Break

It’s definitely break time. I can tell you that I now know the cake-pop maker Dave, Laura and the girls gave me for Christmas works! I don’t have any sticks, so I didn’t make cake pops; I made cake bites or cake balls, 2-1/2 dozen chocolate! I am troubled because they’re drying after I put chocolate glaze on them. I think I added too much whipping cream. They’re not setting. But, maybe I’m just being impatient. I’m going to take a break for right now and then go shower. The maker cooks faster than baking them, but it’s MES-SY! I have the cake pop maker cooled and cleaned off, the dishes done and all the cake batter and glaze off the counters. Thus why I need the break before I hit the shower! I’m kinda full too. I chocolate glazed a few strawberries and had a bunch of the leftover strawbs for lunch. I also tried two of the cake balls and a pretzel bagel. As lunches go, it’s kinda shy in the milk and protein department. Well, I did say the glaze wasn’t setting because there was too much milk. That counts for something, right?

I want to mention that I am honored to have received 2 blog awards from Tere on her blog, Tere’s World. I follow two of her blogs and enjoy reading them. She uses her blogs to express, share and vent, like many of us. I have a space that I present this year’s awards on the bottom of the blog, my trophy case if you will. I’ll be doing the “things about me” part and awarding these awards, probably tomorrow, when I get back to my normal routine.

Right now, while I still have time for it to be Tuesday, I have some Nani facts to Tell!


The question for Tell Me Tuesday at Suzanne’s The Coloradolady is:

What songs bring you back to really great moments in your life?

There are a few that paint pictures in my mind that make me smile.

Age of Aquarius – This is probably my oldest memory with a song attached. I vividly remember a snippet of this song coming on the radio while I was playing under the kitchen table while Mom was washing dishes after lunch. Mom was humming along with the song and I remember the deejay introducing the song as a current popular song. The 5th Dimension’s version came out in the spring of 1969, so I was a few month away from turning 3. Mom said I played under the kitchen table when Mom was in there often when I was little. I only actually remember that one time.

Your Own Special Way – This is David’s favorite love song and he played it for me on Valentine’s Day 2005, our first. We slow danced in his kitchen after dinner. I told him just yesterday that dance was the moment when I really realized that if it was up to me, he’d be in my world the rest of my life. (SO glad he felt the same way about me!)

Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off – The version with both Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers singing was a song Tori and Rina loved when they were little. I had a copy from the Shall We Dance soundtrack. They loved the song and even watched the movie with me, but they preferred color movies. When they made CDs of their favorites to play in Papa’s car, both CDs had this one. It makes me think of when they were little.

Sweet Caroline – This one makes me think of when I was little! This Neil Diamond classic was the first grown up song I knew all the words to and the first 45 RPM record that wasn’t a kids’ record that I owned. I think I had to keep my room clean for a week to earn it, but the record was played a LOT!

I Feel The Earth Move, Carole King – This was the song we danced to in my first year jazz class at the spring recital. It was my second year dancing, but this song is the one that flashes the hot pink leotard with the star and fringe. It always makes me smile.

Tell us about those songs that make you remember and smile! Join Tell Me Tuesday at The Coloradolady!


Marti said...

All great songs, but of them Sweet Caroline is one of my favorites. Have a great day.

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Happy Valentines Day Nani. I brought home heart shaped chocolate coated donuts with red wrapped chocolate heart centres for my 3 generations of guys.

Lynn said...

Thanks for sharing your song memories. I love the song Sweet Caroline also.

Coloradolady said...

What great songs Nani!! I love Sweet Caroline too!! It is interesting reading which songs hold special meaning for others!! Thanks for hanging in here with me!! Have a great week.

Deborah Kay at The Paint Splash said...

Great choices. I love your background music too. Blessings, Debbie