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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hey, Where’d The Sun Go?

I did a few things today, but I mostly rested and drank lots of fluids. But the sore throat and stuffiness still lingers. I have a cup of Gypsy Cold Care tea. It tastes good and it’s very soothing. I crawled up on the bed with a blanket and tread for a while after I showered this morning. I read a few blogs, did a scrapbook page and recently fed the kitty kids. I feel like a bum because I really had planned on doing more White Tornado upstairs today. Bleh.

Is this a rare glimpse into my dark side? Well, grouchy me mutters to the surface when I’m not feeling well. I won’t say “sick,” not yet. I need to keep drinking tea and broth. I’m out of coke, which is my usual throat remedy when it’s cold or allergies. I use regular coke and heat a cup in the microwave for 60 seconds. I know that sounds weird, but it works for me, the sweet warm and a massaging tickle of warm bubbles feels great. In a bit I’m going to see if the remedy works the same with Diet Coke with Splenda. I’m not big on WW medicinal points. David’s bringing me home comfort pretzels. That will work better for me!


My pamper-my-stuffy-self day made me late for Tell Me Tuesday! But it’s still Tuesday, even if it’s already dark!

So here is the prompt for today:
What three words would you use to describe the last three months of your life?

At the end of the next three months, what three words do you hope to be able to use to describe your life at that point?

I’ve been taking the wonderful medication that’s made me feel like my old self for three months now, so my there words would be vibrant, ambitious and relieved.

Had you asked me that same question 3 months ago, it would have been fatigued, frustrated and scared.

Three months from now, in May, when I’ll be making purchases and having furniture assembled.  I want to be happy, industrious and satisfied in a better organized and more accessible home!

I can’t encourage enough to come join us for Tell Me Tuesday hosted by Suzanne at The Coloradolady! It’s thought-provoking and may just introduce you to a part of yourself you haven’t really gotten to know!


Kim @ Stuff could... said...

I understand the grouchy me, staying in bed...I hope those days are getting better soon.
Yes I want to be organized etc

Edna B said...

You're entitled to be "grouchy" whenever you need to be. I certainly have my days too. Nani, when my kids were babies, I used to give them "coke syrup" to settle their tummies when they were feeling sickly. I could buy a small brown medicine bottle filled with the coke syrup at the local pharmacy. I don't think they sell it any more, but I'm not sure. This was an old remedy passed on down from our old family doctor.

I have to agree with your thoughts about the internet. How would we ever get by without it nowadays? I also loved your google rant! I find that I too have to rant and rave about them every now and then. I simply don't understand why they have to keep trying to fix something that wasn't broken in the first place. Mr. Google is probably just a homely little nerd sitting in a dank room trying to come up new ways to make the rest of us as miserable as he is. Wow! That felt really good to say!

Do get well and have a fantabulous day my friend. Hugs and licks from Edna B. and Tootsie.

Coloradolady said...

You are right...what a difference three months makes.....that is very hopeful!!! Hope you are feeling better by now...today, I feel a bit under the weather..but I won't think about it! :)