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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lending A Helping Paw

We started yesterday with some morning errands to places that close before early afternoon on Saturdays. Then we went on to a place that opens at noon on Saturday! Paws and Whiskers doesn’t open until 12:00 on weekends and we had a couple of things to donate and we wanted to visit the cats.

No, it’s not time to adopt Joe or Jo Morgan yet. We want to get more of the house organizing done and have either the woman cave or man cave clear so our new kid has a room they can stay in as they acclimate to their new home and the three cats can gradually get used to each other. We didn’t do that with Carla and almost sent her back to the shelter because it just wasn’t working with Kaline and Baggle for the first month or so. We want to spare all five of us that stress, or as much of it as we can, this time.

Paws and Whiskers recently did some additions and new rooms for the cats. The shelter is over capacity, but the cats seemed even more assertive yesterday. There is something going right there if they can be over-full and the cats are still affectionate! When we walked in to the main area where the cages are, there was meowing from a few of the, paws stretching out of the cages as we passed, everyone looking for our attention. It’s like they’ve added a meowtivational speakers program on techniques for making that sale and getting a forever home!

One cat that meowed at me as soon as I was near her and reached out a paw to me was Bissett

Bissett is just a GORGEOUS calico and such a sweet girl! She has been at Paws since the last day of August last year when she was left in the parking lot in a cage with her 2 kittens. I reached a hand in and she rubbed up to me and let me scritch her chin and behind her ears and all over and she purred, loudly and vigorously.

When I started to go away I heard her meows and I went back to give her little more lovin’ before I moved on to visit some other cats.

We didn’t leave with a cat, but we did leave with the receipt from our new sponsorship! If you are in a reasonable distance of Toledo and have been thinking about a feline companion, or if after seeing this affectionate beauty in a cage you are, consider Bissett! Her adoption price is down to only $35 now. Wouldn’t she be a beautiful site sunbathing in your front window when you pull in to the drive? If not Bissett, there are capacity+ looking for a forever home at Paws and Whiskers. Sadly there are animal shelters all over with cats and dogs living in cages waiting for someone to come and give them a home and love. Adult shelter animals are the most loving and faithful animals you can adopt because they remember that you saved them long after they forget why they needed saving.


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Edna B said...

Nani, I did read this post, and I thought I left a comment. I'm sorry, my bad. Miss Bisset is such a gorgeous kitty. Maybe one day I can have another cat. Right now, Tootsie keeps me pretty busy. I surely hope that Miss Bisset will find her forever home soon. Hugs, Edna B.