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Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl Wrap

Okay, the final score was bad, but the game was pretty good after the first quarter. I didn’t think either team looked that great in the first quarter. The Super Bowl should be a close game; it’s the two best teams in the league and the biggest sports day of the year. 30 seconds of ad time is millions of dollars. The game had better be enough to keep people watching so the advertising investment is worth it!

The Super Bowl ads were quite good this year, with only a few quite bad ones. There is much talk about the 60 second Chrysler ad at half time with Clint Eastwood. Okay, to be honest as I was watching it, I really thought it was a quietly political ad. Not totally sure it wasn’t a political ad. Funny, as I understand Eastwood is a conservative and as a political ad, it’s anything but Republican!

The end of the Depression and through the years Budweiser ads were good, but not as strong as Bud ads have been in the past.

I will NEVER eat another Dorito again.

I could have done without the David Beckham ad. It was supposed to impress women. Might have worked on me with a better looking man.  What was it selling again?  I was too busy being grossed out.

The Samsung Mobile ad started off looking like they didn’t produce a new spot for the Super Bowl. Then it just got dumb, I mean really stupid.

I loved the introduction of Ms. Brown in the M&M’s spot and Red’s insanity at the party where she WAS NOT NAKED! Sorry guys, it’s NOT that kind of party. (but it was that kind of ad!)

Special kudos to Dannon Oikos for the first ever yogurt commercial in the Super Bowl. The spot was so-so, but it was the brand’s first time. I cut them some slack. (And I love Dannon Oikos!)

The Honorable Nani Mentions: (because there is only one winner)

I liked the KIA Altima commercial with the sandman who tripped and gave the man so much dream glitter that he had a dream so awesome that included Motley Crue, bikini girls and a giant sub sandwich. In the end he busted into his wife’s dream and she dumped her romance novel guy on the horse to join hubby’s dream in the Altima. A full story in 30 seconds without words, brilliant!

I also really loved the Chevy Silverado ad. Everything will be gone after the apocalypse except the Chevy Silverados and their drivers…all eating Twinkies. I LOVED that tip of the cap to the 70+ year shelf life and the “only ‘food’” that will survive the end 0of time. I also loved the jab at the one guy in the group who didn’t make it because he drove a Ford.

The third Honorable Nani Mention goes to the Dog who can’t fit through the door to chase the Volkswagen so he works out, gets thin enough to crawl out and chases the car. Then the commercial breaks to the screens in the cantina from Star Wars and a debate about whether the dog of the kid in the Darth Vader costume was funnier, with Darth Vader using the force on the dog’s fan. The ad was cute without the last bit, but great with it!


The best of the best Super Bowl ads this year was Audi’s Vampire Party, promoting their “Daylight Headlights.” Well, the guy on the “blood run” gets there with those headlights and well… Awesome end scene where the driver “figures out” what happened to everyone else!

See all the Super Bowl spots here:


Debbie said...

hahaha....you are so funny about the commercials, i didn't even watch them!!

and as far as the game goes, i did not watch much of that either. i listened, as i did other important things. i am not sure the best team won!! xo

Carletta said...

I'm a kitty lover - Dorito was wrong!
I'm not a Beckham fan but with someone else's face that commerical would be one of my favorites.
The M&M commercial always make me smile.
I can't really give a great reason why but Clint Eastwood talking in his gravely voice (you knew who it was right away) and then coming into the light. It was my favorite.