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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine Smiley from Eat-N-Park

Yesterday was a frustrating yet fun day. Mondays are David’s Sunday and so they are my Sundays too. It had snowed so much in Cleveland over the weekend and it was supposed to be sunny yesterday, so we headed out to Cleveland to get some train pictures in the city in the snow.

We were up and out before the sun was up which means this was our view driving east on the Ohio Turnpike:

No, not easy to drive into, but I love seeing the sun rise on a new day!

And it did start out to be a beautiful sunny day too! The first train I got of the day was my favorite shot, favorite shot so far this year, actually.

Our friend, Terry, met up with us before he went in to work and showed us this phenomenal location with a great shot of the tracks coming around a curve with Jacobs Field (brought to us by Progressive) in the background. One shot with a train and a baseball field. Perfect!!

We got McLunch and David stopped at a store to get a new scanner that he’d wanted for some time and needed to get from the store in Cleveland that carried that particular brand. After that the clouds started to roll in with a vengeance.

We saw that our train day was pretty much done earlier than planned. We wanted to have dinner at Eat-N-Park while we were in the western most area where there is an Eat-N-Park, and on Stuffed Pepper Soup day no less, so we looked for a few other things to do before an early dinner.

David got the directions to the Lake County Bicentennial Barn while he was getting his new scanner.

Now, I boast about Ohio being the Unofficial Barn Capital of the Nation, but there was only one barn yesterday. I’m glad this was it! The Lake County barn is showing the years since painting. The barn itself is a little shabbier and the logo is faded, but it has so much character! There aren’t a lot of barns in the Cleveland metro area, but this one is a gem!

After hunting and shooting the Lake County Bicentennial Barn, it was a little too early for dinner yet, so we stopped at CVS, with its bold reminder that “Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.” We decided to stop and get cards for each other. There was some chocolate selecting going on too!

After that we went to Eat-N-Park for dinner. Going the day before Valentine’s Day meant that they had not run out of Smiley Valentine cookies like they had when we ate late at an Eat-N-Park in Pennsylvania for dinner on Valentine’s Day a couple years ago. We took a half dozen home!

Before bed, David presented me with my third pre-Valentine’s day present; PEZ!

I love PEZ as a low-cal fat-free snack when I crave something sweet. I also have a Reds and a Tigers PEZ dispenser! This pack includes strawberry vanilla, which I haven’t tried before. He did ask if he could try the new flavor and if I might share the orange and raspberry ones. I teased him about asking me to share my gifts, but how can I say “no” to my favorite PEZ pusher?

That’s it for now, I’ve got a full plate today, but I’m going to try to post again today! In the meantime, definitely check out Tricia’s Barn Charm at Bluff Area Daily for more fabulous barns of character!


Tanya said...

happy valentine's day! enjoy your pez!

Anonymous said...

Definitely a beauty of a barn... red barn, white snow, & blue sky... plus, the red, white & blue in the logo!

Thanks for joining this week =)

Genie said...

This barn is definitely a gem, and your picture of it is so nice. Love the writing on the side. All of your photos were a treat. A Valentine cookie,a train, beautiful sunset,sand some Pez...for what more could a person ask. Happy Valentine’s Day to you. genie

seamhead gypsy said...

If one follows those tracks into the downtown area you would go right by the football stadium. I walked along those tracks once after parking my car to go into and out of the stadium. But it wasn't a football game I saw, it was The Rolling Stones!
And I'm not surprised your day ended soon with clouds rolling in, that's Cleveland....

Saun said...

I have a barn near me with this painted on it but they have a no trespassing sign up :( Great shot!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I have a small collection of Pez dispensers. My favorite being the Wizard of Oz set my daughter bought me in 2010 for Christmas.
The pictures are so beautiful. Sounds like a very nice day.

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Lovely shots.

Regards and best wishes

Beth said...

oh, i love pez... i have love tigger & pooh ... so i have all of them in pez dispensers. great barn!! (: