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Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday By Request - What Would You Write?

This is going to be the last month of “best of” FBRs. I figure after the reviews to show what all you can request, it’s up to my readers. I would be the lousiest salesperson. If my existence relied on commissions made from pressure selling anything, I’d be living in a box, hopefully under and overpass with a low crime rate. But for a few weeks, I’ll repost some of the Friday By Requests from 2007.

I’m reading “Soul Intent” by Dennis Batchelder, a follow-up to “Soul Identity.” I loved Soul Identity and the whole concept of the company the story is built around. In the book, your eyes are the key to finding your past, your soul’s past. Think about retina scans for identity, we already use that in places. The theory in Soul Identity is that no two living people have the same iris pattern, like a fingerprint. The company, Soul Identity, is ages and ages old, since a time when qualified artisans drew the eyes to form the identity pictures. After you have gone, your soul will return as another person, but that soul signature will remain the same. Soul Identity members deposit wealth and things they want to pass on to their “next self,” member of their “Soul Line.” If you join Soul Identity in your next life, you can open your Soul Collection and see what you left yourself.

Soul Identity does NOT advertise, but find clients by seeking those who at least have a mild ability to accept that their soul might have walked the earth before. If your beliefs would not possibly let you believe in some sort of reincarnation or you wouldn’t even be interested anyway. It is a company with incredible financial worth. Soul Collections that are worth great financial sums are invested and the amounts grow. Money and artifacts are left untouched for even centuries because soul members never claim them, the company is worth a TON. You can see why they don’t advertise that they exist. If they made it known that they were around, they’d be subject to con artists trying to find out who has left great sums of valuables and attempting to steal their identity. Think about it, identity theft is already a reality in so many forms and the perpetrators are always looking for new ways to steal.

So I love that the concept is so plausible. The story in Soul Identity had action and intrigue and did bring up the question of soul-identity-theft. But it’s a great book and the follow up is equally intriguing with some interesting curve balls. But the company Soul Identity doesn’t exist in reality. Or does it?

This FBR from 2007 fits in with the concept of that book. If I joined Soul Identity, even if I was the first one of my line, I’d leave copies of my journals. Maybe I'd make a single scrapbook highlighting key points of my life, with instructions in my will to have the last one printed and put in my Soul Collection, and I think I’d write something similar to the letter I was asked to write in January, 2007.

Friday By Request
Originally posted on Yahoo 360, January 19, 2007

This week’s request is from Mary, who challenged me to answer the question “What Would You Write?” from her friend Jaymes’ blog. This is the message Mary sent me: What would you write to yourself if you were to be reincarnated; what would your message be? After a little soul and memory searching about all the mistakes and the really right things that have occurred in my life, here is my letter:

What Would You Write?
For Mary

If it's true that we live over and over till we get it right, then this letter is to you, Nani.

I doubt you are called Nani this time and I doubt you’ll ever see this letter. But, I hope that writing it will instill its message in my essence, our essence, that it will manifest itself in your subconscious and influence you somehow. It will have influence on you in a way that you’ll never know it does, but it will make that essence that is you and me and all the versions of our being before us and to come better and closer to the way we should be.

First I’ll tell you life is not easy, for anyone, no matter how things look. The happiest people feel pain. The materially wealthy feel things that are missing within themselves. The most arrogant have great insecurities. The most peaceful and loving people have things they despise. Recognize this and be willing to give emotional charity to everyone.

But, while you’re giving that charity, remember that there are those who
take without giving and expect more. Who those people are will sometimes surprise you too. Know that you can separate from them without hurting them. They will learn more and perhaps improve more from the people they lose in their lives than from your continuing to let them feed off you.

When you are really hurt, telling the truth will do more to make the pain stop than keeping the secret. Know that you can give without having to suffer, that you can be kind and tolerant without having to try to help everyone. Know that the ones who truly love you don’t think they have to and aren’t afraid of what others will think if they don’t. They just do.

Be patient. Education, inspiration and even love are worth the wait to do it right. There is a reason that things happen the way they do, accept that. Some mistakes you have to make first, so you don’t mess up the really good things that come later. Never be afraid to make those mistakes and learn from them.

Don’t lose your faith and don’t give up on yourself, even briefly. That’s when life is the darkest and loneliest, when you give up everything. Don’t be afraid of rejection. Fear is the greatest obstacle in finding your calling. You need other people to get ahead, but ask for the help, don’t just take it. The rewards last longer and you’ll be able to ask for help again.

Find a profession that fulfills you and makes you happy to do it. But don’t work much overtime. What you’ll miss in life, even if you like the job, you’ll never be able to buy back. Your people will be there long after one employer has let you go and another is questioning your ability regardless of your professional successes. Your people will always remember the good things you did and enjoy reminiscing about them. You won’t have to go through anything near the screening process for a new job as you will to make new friends, and the benefits are better. Remember, that what is important you can’t buy with the money from what’s not.

Always strive to keep life in balance. Give a bona fide effort to anything you do. Don’t ever fail on your commitments to others. Love like there’s no question you’ll be loved back. Most important, don’t feel guilty when you take time for yourself. Doing nice things for yourself will keep you understanding and loving when someone else doesn’t. Don’t create expectations for other people and you’ll always be pleased with what they give and do for you.

Your former self

Link: Dennis Batchelder , author of Soul Identity and Soul Intent   


Edna B said...

Nani, what a fascinating post! I do believe that we have been here before and will be here again. Back in the late 80's, hubby and I attended a weekend seminar on hynosis and diagnosing with hynosis. (I was a social worker and my license required constant learning.)

Hubby wasn't into past lives, etc. At one point, we were learning to regress into our past lives. The explanation of the eye is correct. As I regressed, I saw a large eye (mine). It was over ocean water, and I was standing on the shore dressed in a brown and white pilgrim outfit, and was looking out over the water. This was as far as I got because hubby was not being cooperative next to me.

This told me that in one life, I was a pilgrim and had traveled very far over water. (My ancestors, did in fact, come over on the Mayflower.) I wish sometimes that I had stayed with this learning and found out about other past lives.

This all brings me back to your question "What would I write to myself in another life?" I would have to give this a lot of thought. But I find it very fascinating. Thanks for a great post. Hugs, Edna B.

My Kid's Mom said...

Thanks for visiting!

denbatch said...


I was thrilled to come across your post on Soul Identity. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I hope that Soul Intent also worked for you.

Dennis Batchelder

btw: I loved the letter to your future self :-)