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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Rant, A Cat and A Smile

The first thing I’d like to address today is a current grumble in Blogland. That grumble is with the mothership. Blogger is making me nuts! I have my list of blogs that I follow and my usual habit is that I check that list and read everyone’s new blog posts with my morning coffee. The problem is that information I get from Blogger’s Friend Connect is usually incomplete. I get randomly selected updates. Who gets listed in the current new blogs? I think it’s occasionally everyone, but how can I be sure? I also get blogs I follow that just vanish from my list! I thought Linda, my Secret Santee at Christmas was deleting me because I was following her anonymously during the swap, but now, two others that I’ve been following have been deleted and I’ve tried twice to add them back, but Blogger doesn’t save them. One blog I read by clicking the newest post post on my “friends I follow” list yesterday at lunch and then by the evening, she was gone from my list entirely, poof! Grrr!

I wonder if any of my readers use a different type of reader to follow their favorite blogs. I was looking at Google Reader, but that’s the same company as Blogger and Blogger is my problem. When I clicked to see the blogs I follow in Google Reader, they were still not all there and the updates were shown randomly. Has anyone used Bloglines?  There isn’t the complete information on the main page I’d hope for before I sign up for an account. I really want something similar to the Blogger friends list or Google Reader, just one that works. I welcome any suggestions by email or in the comments!

Whew! Okay. I’m over the grumblies.

My Dad is going to be here Thursday morning to work on that book shelf. That means I’ll have today and tomorrow to finish up in the bedroom. Shouldn’t be a problem. I have a few bags of things to move into the future woman cave from there too. David asked me if there was enough room to move with all those boxes. There will be. Actually with his desk not there, I still have more room than I had with 2 desks. Add to that, a lot of the stuff is to sort and either shred or put in the good will box. Plus once things are properly organized, they take up so much less space.

When Pop is here, I’ll get to let him try my first batch of minestrone. David brought up one of the larger bowls from the freezer. It’s thawing in the fridge now. I hope Pop can work his artisan miracles and save the shelving unit. They aren’t terribly expensive kits, but expensive enough that I’d much rather not have to add that to my shopping list!

I don’t get a lot of time to blog or read on the weekends, but I do some. I did a post on Sunday that, according to Blogger’s stats has only been read once! I think it’s an important post, way more important than the Super Bowl, mugs, barns or vintage things. If you have an extra click, please read “Lend a Helping Paw.” It’s not trying to sell anything.  It’s about Paws and Whickers Cat Shelter and a sweet little feline girl we are sponsoring.

Bissett at Paws and Whiskers

Isn’t she the prettiest thing? We sponsored Bissett when we visited Paws Saturday, which brought her adoption fee way down. Paws is our local cat shelter and we are supporters and fans of the shelter. How could we not be? That’s where our Carla came from and likely where Jo or Joe Morgan will come from as well. I say likely because Kaline was not a shelter cat, she was a feral kitten who was too young to be without her mother, but she was without a mother. We firmly believe in rescues as our pets, usually from a shelter, but if we find one that needs us, we’ll rescue it ourselves.

You can read some more about Bissett and see a couple more photos of this calico beauty through the link, or just go back a few posts. If you are even considering adding a new furbaby to your family, really consider adopting a rescued cat or dog. Shelters are so crowded in a rough economy and rescued animals are the most loving and faithful animals you’ll ever give a piece of your heart to!

Barn Charm –

Yesterday morning, David and I went out to take advantage of the sunny blue skies and photograph some trains. Of course for me, it’s photographing trains, water towers, post offices, barns and anything else that strikes my fancy!

I was totally torn about going because I had laundry to fold or hang and I’m in the middle of the White Tornado Project in the bedroom, so I’m dusting and organizing everything, even dusting the ceiling! I’ve also found half the missing socks under the bed!

I’m glad I went! David had some stuff he needed to go back to the house for at midday, so I stayed home for the afternoon. I got a couple trains, my barn for this week and still got clothes hung up and some dusting done. It was a productive day after all!

This barn can be seen greeting drivers on the I-75 in Wood County.

It’s in Dunbridge, Ohio. My thought is that Joe and Gertie are the owners of the barn, saying his to everyone who passes. We pulled over on the ramp for exit 187 to get this shot.

See more barns at Tricia's Barn Charm at Bluff Area Daily



Debbie said...

ooohhhh what a fun barn and a very cute kitty!!

Keetha Broyles said...

What a pretty farm and so nice of Joe and Gertie to greet us all!

Lesley said...

They must be some friendly people, this Joe and Gertie!

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

What a beautiful barn!
I like your photos.

Regards and best wishes

Ruta said...

Great barn...you can't look at it without smiling! :)

Beth said...

that is super cute. awwww!! i love it. how kind of them to say hi to all who pass by. (:

Rose said...

Oh, I love that....love seeing the unexpected on a barn!

Michaele said...

Cute idea. Barns make great billboards.

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

What a great barn with the smiley face!
Thanks for your nice comment on my barn at the museum.

Margaret said...

I understand they meant well... but for ME, it kind of ruins the charm.

Tricia @ Bluff Area Daily said...

& my guess is that Joe & Gertie know how beautiful their barn is & that there's others out there driving by who can appreciate their barns & wanna say a GREAT. BIG. HI. & SMILE. to them all!!! How cool!

Thanks for sharing this w/ us at Barn Charm =)

Glo Haynes said...

Hey Nani, I am also having a few issues with blogger. It drives me crazy! Hope it is just temporary and things will get better soon!

what an adorable kitten! Thanks for stopping by my blog and have a wonderful day! :)