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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Internet is a must have for a small biz

Thanks to Lemuel Craft

When I think about how new the internet is it kind of freaks me out just a little bit. I can remember back when I was a kid my family had an IBM PS1 computer at the desk in our kitchen. Windows wasn’t even a huge thing back then and if you wanted to run a program there was always a c:/ involved. We had something on the computer called Prodigy, which was a very early version of the internet. Then of course came America Online, which revolutionized how Americans used the internet. Now days everyone has internet with the at all times on their smart phones. When you think back to the days before having access to the internet it is hard to imagine how we did anything. How did we get directions to somewhere we had never been? How did we keep track of credit transactions at our businesses? How did we look up the greatest restaurant in the area? Now no business can survive without the internet. If you are a small business owner in the market for T1 connection check out t1.xo.com.

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