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Monday, March 23, 2009

Sweet Tooth Dreams

Tomorrow is my first consultation with my new dentist! Of course this makes me think about candy!!

With good habits, candy is not your enemy! I brush at least twice a day, more if I need it and floss every day. I also enjoy a sweet piece of hard candy, chewy taffy or refreshing Mints . And you all know I have to have my chocolate too! That’s a dietary requirement!

The point is, sugars won’t instantly rot your teeth and with proper care of them, you can still enjoy the sweetness that’s meant happy to you since you were a kid.

Mmmm,... spring makes me think of all that wonderful kid-stuff, like flying kites, blowing bubbles through a bubble wand and bubble gum! When I was a kid gum was Wrigley's Gum , Juicy Fruit. Come on now, everyone had Juicy Fruit as a kid, didn’t they? As an adult, I prefer Double Mint from those classics, but really, I prefer something sugarless, like Extra. They have some awesome flavors including bubble gum, which was a very common thing to see me with as a kid...of 40. Extra is great because you can pack a few pieces in your mouth for only a few calories and no tooth-decaying sugar, so you can have that flavor in your mouth and blow when-you-were-a-kid-size bubbles! And Mr./Ms. new dentist, it won’t stick to the work you’ll do to me either!

So, tomorrow I’ll brush, floss and head out to meet my new dentist. I’m actually kinda of excited about it. My smile is anxious for the cosmetic boost too! But right now, I’ve worked myself into a strange craving for some sugar-free bubble gum.

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