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Friday, March 13, 2009

Cute and Fascinating Too!

In my next life, I want to come back as a dolphin! If you’ve clicked the “Dolphin Bubbles” link in the right column, you know why! The videos of the Dolphins playing with bubbles art Sea World is just addictively cute!

The Sea World site has a new video up now with people from Sea World talking about the dolphin games. This is a relatively new phenomena in the dolphin tank. It started with one or two dolphins making a bubble ring with their blow holes and playing with it. They chase them, swim though them, bite them. It’s totally cute to watch. Like I said, addictively cute, and I mean that! This woman who gets irritated when Tori and Rina want to watch a rerun again a week later, clicks play again a few times when I watch!

If you visit the site now, you’ll see that informational video, telling about how they discovered the dolphins doing this and that more are doing it now. They aren’t sure if they are learning it from watching each other or if they are teaching each other, but they have noticed that at times they can get possessive about their bubbles when someone else wants to play. I think it’s totally fascinating to watch them make the bubbles and play with them and to listen to the theories and accounts of how it all began. It's a great site and wonderful video to watch with the kids!

After the interview video, you can choose other videos including the Dolphin Bubbles video that was originally up. Guess which one I clicked?

“Hello, my name is Nani and I’m a Dolphin Bubbles addict.”



Edna B said...

I have an award awaiting you on my blog. Hugs, Edna B.

LiviaY said...

Awww... Those dolphins are too adorable!!!
Thank you for the link and video Nani!!!