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Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm Ready For The Sun - and BASEBALL!

A couple is on vacation and having a disagreement about how you pronounce Kissimmee. So when they stop for lunch, they ask the teenage girl working at the restaurant to help them out.

“Can you pronounce the name of where we are, and say it slow!”

The girl looks mystified and says “BUR---GER---KING”

It’s smack in the heart of Florida and home to so much! There’s more to eat than just Burger King and way more to do than argue about how to say it, it’s Kissimmee, Florida!

It’s free or carefree or both! You can enjoy a vacation without breaking the bank and find a ton of fun!

The free part is pretty obvious here. If David and I went for a trip to Kissimmee, we’d of course do some railfanning. Amtrak and CSX both have tracks in the area, but I would have to give my camera some bird time too! Kissimmee has the largest population of nesting bald eagles in the continental US! There are many areas that are wetlands or woodlands, habitats that are perfect for many species of birds. I would love a card full of pictures of those birds that you just don’t see in Ohio or Michigan!

As far as carefree or to splurge a little, at this time of year, the heart of Florida is the heart of Grapefruit League Baseball! You KNOW I’d have to take a break for that. Florida during spring training has long been my dream vacation getaway! The Houston Astros play their spring games in Kissimmee at Osceola County Stadium. What a great opportunity to get one of those more intimate and closer to the players seats and work on recruiting Lance Berkman for Cincinnati!

I’m just sayin’, I could...

After the trains, birds and baseball, I think we’ve had a full day without spending a lot of money. Now we can splurge at a nice seafood restaurant for dinner. Remember, heart of Florida - fresh seafood in almost every direction!

Now, hit that Kissimmee link and read about the Freedom to Enjoy Sweepstakes! Totally cool. They are giving away 3 weekend trips for two and 2 week long trips for four! Two drawings will be held in April and May. No Grapefruit Baseball then, but Florida Minor League ball. I’m still putting my email addy in! See you in Kissimmee!


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