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Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Found Nemo!

When I was in my early teens, I had a fish tank. It was a ten-gallon tan with fresh water fish I named after rock stars. I remember on Saturdays after my guitar lesson, Mom would take me to the fish store in town. I’d get food and maintenance stuff for my tank and sometimes a new “toy” for it or a couple new fish for my little wet community. I loved my fish, but I always remember walking slowly and longingly by the bright tanks in the back. Those were the tanks where they kept the most beautiful of the fish in the store, the saltwater fish!

In my cyber travels, I found an online saltwater fish store! They offer Nano Cubes, great for beginners in the hobby to get started and a huge page of those beautiful salties that I remember ogling as a kid. They have a bright blue chromis, neon accented salt water angel, a hot yellow seahorse a damselfish in my school colors (blue and yellow) and today’s salt water aquarium must have a clown fish, the kids will name him “Nemo!”

So, there would be the start of MY aquarium! I’d especially HAVE to have that seahorse! It is just too cool! This site also sells the necessary temperature control devices and there is free shipping available and the fish have a 14-day live guarantee.

Now, I wouldn’t want my seahorse and his mates living in just saltwater with nowhere to play or rest. This site also has live rock and coral. I can buy coral to put in my tank! I think that bright yellow seahorse would look so cool in the tank with some green people eaters. Think bright yellow fish and green coral! Okay, and I like the name too!

Now that I have my dream aquarium built, I need to figure out where we’d put it. But I think first, I’m going to go look at the fish page again! If you check out this site, come back and leave a comment about which fish you liked best!

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