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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Nani Notes

Get a cup of coffee and a comfy chair! (Freebie in here somewhere...)

MMM!! It’s a black forest donut!!

Happy Tuesday! Every day is a happy day right now because the last warm day I was happy and that attitude is in stasis, frozen in time as the temperature dropped again on us. So, I guess I’ll just have to be happy until my attitude thaws. Good thing I was in a good mood when I entered into “suspended ‘tudimation!”

Oh, it’ll get warmer. It’s the time of year where every sunny day, no matter how cold, holds the promise of spring! Of course spring means my favorite holiday after Christmas and my birthday, OPENING DAY!!! April 6 is just over a month away!!!

Nani's Dream Vacation Guide!

Remember what I said as the season drew to a close last year? We’re gonna kick some butt this year? Hmm??? The Reds are 4-3 so far in Spring Training. The first three wins were a victory over both teams from last year’s World Series and a 13-11 triumph over the Yankees! I know that David and Seamhead Gypsy would both want me to make a note of Sunday’s shellacking by the Red Sox, but after today’s effort, the one where three more runs for Boston in the bottom of the eighth STILL wasn’t enough to answer a game with three Cincinnati home runs, including a grand slam, I’ll just leave that alone.

I have some “desktop cleaning” to do today. There are some important tid-bits to share!

Cherry Chocolate Bloom Donut

Did you gaze upon that beautiful piece of commercial food art at the top of this entry? That’s a new creation at Tim Hortons, the Cherry Chocolate Blossom Donut. It just looks so HEAVENLY!

The good news, this chocolate-cherry yumminess is only 250 calories! I try to keep breakfast between 300 and 400 calories, so that donut with a banana and coffee fits right in. Tomorrow morning may need to be throw on clothes and head to Tims to pick up breakfast as soon as David is on his way. (his car blocks my car in until he’s gone)

David, laughing at my euphoric description of the donut I discovered last night at timhortons.com, insinuated they were 250 “bad” calories. No such thing! There are two kinds of calories that one must balance for healthy eating and especially for weight loss. It’s necessary to balance out the proper nutrients in the food pyramid for bones, energy, proper blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Those are the “health calories.” The other ones, a smaller group, but perhaps more important, are the calories that make sure you stay disciplined. You must have the calories that taste good and make you feel good to consume them, otherwise you won’t stick to the diet and you’ll completely binge! I prefer to make good balance with treats my lifestyle choice rather than binging and punishing! It’s easier to maintain the lost sizes!

Scrap Bird Featured In The Daily Scrapper!

Check out the current issue of The Daily Scrapper for an interview and feature with our shop owner, Marzena Fenert! Marzena talks about the shop, how and why she started it and there is a fabulous free kit, a collab created by the shop designers available there too!

Here is the preview for the kit:

The kit is called “In My Dreams,” which actually is a song from the 80’s by Dokken, but that’s a coincidence, I had nothing to do with naming the kit! The colors are totally a palate I’d use, but the theme was a little bit frillies and fairies for my usual style. But I’m happy with the contribution I made to the kit. My paper even made the preview! It’s a huge kit! 44 papers and 100 elements and all free! Click that link and check it out!

Kaline’s New Blog Entry

David brought a paper home Sunday with a “Letter To The Editor he thought Kaline might like to blog about. There is an issue of licenses for cats that’s getting a lot of buzz in town right now.

I don’t think Kaline necessarily got the same impression of cat licensing that everyone else does, but she blogs with much feline passion!

Check out her blog! Behind Orange Eyes

Wife 1500

Yummy lunch!
Campbell’s Select Lite Italian Vegetable soup,
wheat crackers and honey-cinnamon tonic - 221 calories

Wife 1500 is what I’m calling the weight loss project. I said I wanted to buck the trends and actually be thinner on my first anniversary than I was on my wedding day. 1500 is my daily calorie limit. The daily goal is a minimum of 1000 and maximum of 1500. That accommodates days I’m not so hungry and railfan breakfast at McDonalds.

I said before that part of the whole commitment is that I photograph what I’m eating. I think I’m going to save those photographs and make a diet journal or something. Right now, they are just yummy-looking reminders that dieting is easy!

On our first anniversary, I’m going to put on the same outfit I wore when we got married and ask David to take a picture of me. Ideally, the blouse will be baggy and the pants will fall off! I’ll hold them up for the picture, but I’m hoping it’s a pleasant difference and one I’ll be proud to show off at The Chronicles of Nani!

February Accounting

My personal earnings accounting for February was so-so. In the job-seeking world, I “invested” in what turned out to be a false hope resume distribution site, so I lost there. I just broke even in the scrapbook store, so nothing there either. But I got my PayPal debit card at the beginning of the month, so my blog sponsored post earnings are easy to track. I just leave them on the debit card rather than transferring them. I‘m very proud of the accomplishments there! My compensated posts not only covered my coffee for February, but David’s Valentine’s Day gift and Railfan Breakfast for both of us!

New in my store!

I think the biggest mistake I made last month was uploading two Valentine’s Day kits a couple days before the end of January. I got the exposure on the top of the new kits list for 2 days, then they were off the top of the features! My mistake, a rookie error. I think it might have helped, at least in the beginning of the month, if they were new products for February when the other Valentine products were featured new products. We’ll see if it helps to have waited until March to upload the Irish flag-colored kit, “I Feel Lucky!”

“I Feel Lucky” has 6 papers and 23 elements. With shamrocks and lots of green, they’re perfect for St. Patrick's Day, but the horseshoes, shooting stars and lucky pennies make the kit multifaceted enough to scrap any occasion where a little luck is needed. I suggested family games night or the kids studying for a test in the store, but even photos of the kids at the carnival or a wishing well at the park are great for this kit too! Best yet, add an introductory rate - ”I Feel Lucky” is $2.00, half off, for all of March!

Also new in the store is the add-on for “Because Of You.”

If you didn’t get your layout in for the “I Wanna Talk About Me” challenge last month, you can still pick up the bonus kit!

And last but not least, after all of the notes, A FREEBIE!!

This is a sampler of “I Feel Lucky.” It has 2 papers, and 6 elements, including a translucent star frame, like in the kit, but orange, for those who wish for their Irish luck on the orange side of the flag, like me! Click the preview to go to 4-Shared and enter the password, dwight-yoakam.

Thanks for checking out all of the notes and news in Naniland today! Have a second cup of coffee, or better yet, if you have one in your neighborhood, stop at Tim Hortons for a cup and a Cherry Chocolate Bloom Donut!

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